Minecraft Server Appeals

Already posted an appeal? view the status here: http://www.team-neo.com/appeals/viewappeals.php

Warning or Ban Appeal

If you feel you have been banned or warned UNFAIRLY or you feel it was in ERROR. Please fill out the following form and a HeadAdmin will investigate. Investigations take time and we will do our best to process them swiftly however you need to be patient as well. We will not tolerate any form of harassment over the length of time it is taking to process your appeal.

For all other unban/unwarn requests, please use the forum: Click Here

If you're going to appeal your warning or your ban you must meet and follow the following criteria:

1) You know that you did not commit the crime that you've been punished for. (Wastiing our time will only lead to increased punishment)
2) You have not already posted an appeal for the same warn/ban and previously been denied.
3) You're not filling out this form on behalf of someone else. ONLY the offender himself can complete this form.

Appeal form

Provide a valid email address taht we can contact you on should we ever need to.
Please select whether you want a warning to be removed or a ban to be removed.
Please explain in as much detail and include any evidence or links to evidence that will help your case.