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Offender Reason to unban Submitted Latest Update Admin Notes
AntoPro14im not amre or alikku31/10/20172017-11-06 23:16:19You may now join.
tntplayzMCI TPA TO SOMEONE AND HE ACCPET AND HE KANGPOT HOME AND HE KICK ME AND KICK ME AND I GET TO THE SAME PLACE BECAUSE I GOT KICK WHEN U GOT KICK U WILL GET BACK TO SAME PLACE AND HE BANNED ME FOR 2weeks REASON SETHOME ABUSE I SWEAR GOD PROMISE I DIDNT SET HOME TO HIS PLACE01/07/20172017-07-03 17:24:12I have checked your home location and it appears you're telling the truth. And yes, you're correct - if you disconnect (even by being kicked) you willr eturn online to that same location.
Styleagain spambot what wrong with my ip can you unban me please i m not the spambotrn28/02/20172017-03-11 17:53:35Ban lifted again. Try now
Stylehii admin i have a ip ban reason spambat why i didnt play 4 days and i have that ban why06/02/20172017-02-10 22:19:41This ban has been removed. You should be able to join.
EightDeadlySinafter the server has been update to 1112 few days later i play the server but dont have to login as normal instead i can type or walk without any warning about login After i logout and login back suddenly i got ban and it say Reason banned by an operator But when i try open a different id i can play minecraft without any problem however the login request still doesnt appear which mean that i say play my 2nd id without login at all and that will be dangerous if other people find it The weird part is suppose when an id is been ban suppose internet id should be detected but it doesnt detect at all Hope you guys can solve this problem maybe for some can login as normal but other people unlucky like me cant and it would be dangerous07/01/20172017-01-07 22:58:09Ban lifted sorry about this.
arianabefore i got banned i was being nice then the other day i was banned for impersonating that i did not dornpls anbann mern30/12/20162017-01-02 23:37:23I see no ban for your name or IP addresses.
Dep_Ninjahey admin when i saw that the ban is gone i open my mincraft and play i refreshedd the computer so my game will be fast after playing i went to aet my lunch then when i play againrni saw that im banned again rnpls remove the ban plspls30/12/20162017-01-02 23:34:37The name Derp_Ninja was whitelisted. no ban will prevent this account from joining.
PixZeroBecause this range ban I never did anything wrong I have no clue to how i got banned My friend only Recommended me to this server because he was looking up to play with me But then i have no idea why i was banned29/12/20162016-12-29 21:49:58Hello please see forum post. ban lifted :)
Derp_Ninjabefore i got banned i was reviewing for our examsi did not play mincraft for a weekrnafter our exams i open minecraft then i saw my minecraft is banned for impersonating rnmy computer has a password so no one can open my computerrnso pls unbann me pls 27/12/20162016-12-29 21:50:02Unbanned. Please join :)
AlisiaI was banned for being a SpamBot when I didnt do any spamming at all I think you banned the wrong person My sister said it was someone else I have no reason to spam at all22/12/20162016-12-29 21:49:55Ban has been lifted. sorry about this. We were spambot attacked and it seems you got caught up in the mess. Once again, I apologise.
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Denied Appeals(Warning/Ban will remain as is):

Offender Reason to unban Submitted Latest Update Admin Notes
Galaxy_Girl107I want to unwarn me because I dont like to have a lot of warns and I wont if I will take a warn I will be banned04/02/20182018-02-04 19:39:29Read the appeals page this is not a valid appeal and is declined as such.
xXstylerXxKnagpot warned me supposedly for having my mods on because my miningmethod is fishy and old Nowhere is stated in the rules that mining straight down a diging systematicly hallways and he probably thought i was diging straight to diamonds or stuff Warning appeared 28112017 Witnesses MrSarkasmusGer28/11/20172017-12-02 15:18:22I have investigated your accusation and I find the admin has acted accordingly. I am able to review all log breaks, both where, and when. Without revealing sensitive data surrounding how we know if you xrayed or not. In short, yes. I believe you xrayed and I beleive you tried to "fool" us by the manner of your mining but the xray is there. The warning will remain, good day.
chaos_knighti was preparing for our examsafteri open my minecraft then i saw im banedrnin not even disobeying the rules pls unban me22/01/20172017-01-31 22:25:39I see no ban. Please use the forum
carl123i am playing good and i dont know why im banned its always like this pls unbann merni not disobeying the rules22/01/20172017-01-31 22:24:51I see no ban info here. Please use the forum.
classGreetingsrnrnJay told me that its ok if I give money to mladenjr since im not abusing it but i got warned by kangopt for it If you dont like me doing that just say so i will buy stuff for clan base with class money and enjy said sth that in that case i could own a biz with class tooIf i never give money from class to mladenjr that is I would consider that if its real option but for now i would like you to reconsider my warn for money transfer and tell me new money rules if there are any you know i will play by the rulesrnrnCheers rnrn 27/01/20172017-01-31 22:23:30We discussed this and you knew sharing money between accounts is illegal despite what you were told 6-7 months ago as evident by the chat log of a few months back when you stated it is not allowed to another player.
Stylei m been in new coutry in morroco and i see ip ban saad555 i m not he really please do something help i want play please ok if you fix it neo admin i will be happy D24/01/20172017-01-24 21:50:35Please read your unban request on the forum.
jayson_456rni open my minecraft then i saw im banedrnin not even disobeying the rules pls unban me22/01/20172017-01-24 21:50:27I do not see any bans. Please post on the forum with more details.
SplinterzzzI didnt do anything wrong in the server I was completing my mob farmdrop then suddenly there was this player named Enzo who suddenly appeared around me with enchanted diamond sword I thought he was flying or some sort But I didnt say anything wrong and I blew up and fell like something wrong has happened and died Then the serverhost banned me suddenly Pls unban me08/01/20172017-01-14 17:20:40I see no ban for your name or IP address.
chaos_kightbefore i got banned i was not playing minecraft so how come did i got banned even im not doing anythingrn13/01/20172017-01-14 17:19:14The name 'chaos_kight' does not exist on the system apparently. Please create an appeal/unban request with your in-game name.
enzoSee i was sha4an i agree i hacked on others account i agree but i got a ban for 1 month when thats over why you want my banned again its not fare right why should you ban me again and again and the topic for my ban is ban evading sha4an but sha4an was not banned at all the ban he got was for 1 moth which is over and i have stoped hacking others account why banning me again and agin please stop 13/12/20162016-12-29 21:48:31I cannot find any current bans for your IP or name. Also, you must post this unban request on the forum as you know why you're banned.
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