Basic Rules For Verified/Admins and players looking to become one!

1. Basic rules for 'Verified' players.
Verified Players must obey all server rules at all times and at under no circumstance will it become acceptable to not follow the rules.
Verified Players must never fight, argure, insult or any other form that would imply or suggest such negativity towards other members of the team in ANY public place. If you have a problem, try to resolve it peacefully. If you find that you're just not getting anywhere then contact a Head Admin or Assistant Head Admin and we'll help.
Verified Players must never attempt to enforce rules by means of threats of punishments. Verified players do not have powers and as such should not act as if they do. You're very much a player still, but are deemed trust worthy.
Verified Players should offer to help players wherever possible. We don't expect you to give all your diamonds to someone asking for them but answering basic questions about Team-NeO or how to do things on the server is expected.
Verified Players must never use cheats of any form.(This includes any cheating on any server or multiplayer game, whether it is on our server or not.)
Verified Players must never help others to find, install, or use any cheats or forbidden software/mods.
Verified Players must never become abusive, insulting (or any use other form of verbal assault) towards any other players.
Verified Players must show respect at ALL times and in ALL places of our network.

If you're accepted as Verified member you are expected to always follow this rules. Anyone found to be breaking these will be removed. If you obtain a warning for any reason, you risk being removed.

So, the big question. How do you apply? Click here
You can help yourself to get noticed by following the above and going the extra mile. Help Bob out when he askes how to protect land, help Paul out when he asks what is NeOMoney?. Be a decent human being and you can become Verified.

Verified players will carry the
GREEN colour name to help you identify who is a Verified player.