Minecraft Admin Application

  • 1) You must not re-apply for admin for at least 14 days after your previous application has been accepted/denied
  • 2) You may not apply if you have any warning(s) (Unless you're a 'Trusted' player.)
  • 3) You may not apply if you have already submitted an application form and are currently awaiting results. Results can take upto 14 days to be provided so this time should be allowed before seeking advice.
  • 4) Must be able to speak, read and write in clear English in order to be able to communicate effectively with our players.
  • 5) You must be active on our server and this will be determined by a Head Admin.
  • 6) You're expected to assist players with any questions/problems that they have. You don't need to be an admin to do this, and doing this will help you get accepted.
  • 7) You must not contact a HeadAdmin to check the status of your application, that is what this web page is for. It will tell you the status below. The only exception to this is if it has exceeded 14 days and no answer OR you believe there's an error.

  • Application Process & Guidelines:
  • - There is a two stage process to becoming an admin for the Team-NeO server. The first stage is submitting an application via the button 'Apply' below. This contains a comprehensive test of both knowledge and decision making. Stage 2 will be a HeadAdmin reviewing your application and approving based on their experiences and opinions of the person applying. Remember, the HeadAdmin will also look at how other players perceive the individual aswel. That means that you could pass Stage 1 with 100% but fail Stage 2 because others find you unhelpful/disrespectful e.t.c.
  • - You're required to score a minimum of 90% in Stage 1 to pass onto Stage 2.
  • - You must adhere and meet everything listed in 'Application Rules'.
  • - If you attempt to mislead/lie or "cheat" in your test via any means that we deem unacceptable, we will deny the application.
  • - In addition to the above, HeadAdmins hold the right to deny/approve any application at any time.
  • - In order to pass Stage 2, we would need to be able to see you as someone we can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. This means, we will need to be able to leave the server in
    your hands and not have to worry whether or not you will handle things as we expect you to. Making the right decisions and issuing the right level of punishment for those breaking rules.
  • - Passing Stage 1 & 2 does not mean the tests are over. You will be placed into an indefinate 'Probationary' stage until a HeadAdmin approves and says otherwise. You will have full powers as if you're an full Admin whilst in this stage but you will be monitored closely and your actions WILL be challenged constantly. We will be testing YOU to make sure you know what you're doing, and what you're doing is the right thing.

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    In order to apply for admin or view your application status, you MUST be logged in to your Team-NeO Server minecraft account via the box on the top right of this page. The username is the name you use on the server and the password is the password you set when you used the /register command.