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Minecraft: Running Version: 1.11 Download
Ark Survival Evolved #2: Running Version: (See Below)

Minecraft Server Change Log:

    Latest update: 19 Feb

  • [19/2/2017] NeOFeedback: Added plugin back to server to enable feedback feature.
  • [19/2/2017] NeOFeedback: Added plugin back to server to enable protections of PVP.
  • [19/2/2017] NeOPVPManager: Added plugin back to server to enable protections of PVP.
  • [19/2/2017] NeOAdmin: Renamed 'admin' command to 'admincmds' to allow players to use the 'admin' command to request admin help like before.
  • [27/1/2017] NeOAdmin: Fixed bug with /warn causing errors.
  • [12/1/2017] NeOAntiSpam updated and should help massively reduce spambotters.
  • [12/1/2017] Skins back online from restart.
  • [12/1/2017] WorldEdit Updated to latest version.
  • [12/1/2017] WorldGuard Updated to latest version.
  • [8/1/2017] NeOAdmin: Frozen players will no longer be able to teleport, use commands, place blocks, break blocks.
  • [8/1/2017] NeOBasics: From our testing thus far we have found that 'NeOBasics' which handles a lot of our 'core' things is consuming huge amounts of ram. It is not the cause of the leak but certainly doesn't help. So we're splitting this up to determine exactly where things are going wrong. NeOAdmin (a new plugin) will takeover all administration related commands and as such will be removed from NeOBasics. I'll be doing the same for other things too.
  • [4/1/2017] NeODonations: Added '/warp list' option in list of available options when typing /warp on its own as it was missing even though it worked.
  • [9/12/2016] Server ResourcePack: Added following content: Polished Granite, Polished Diorite, Pumpkin, Gravel, Spider, Torch
  • [8/12/2016] NeOGames: LuckyBlock rewards reduced somewhat.
  • [4/12/2016] Server ResourcePack: Added following content: Ender Chest, Trapped Chest, Sun, Furnace, Fonts
  • [27/11/2016] Server ResourcePack: Added following content: Stone Block, Sun, Snow
  • [20/11/2016] NeOExperience: Llamas should spawn naturally in the world. It is not following the Mojang's specific biome requirements. instead, it will be following the requirements of a Cow.
  • [10/11/2016] NeOGames: Panicroom, fixed bug causing server restart (as it thinks a serious fault has been detected when it was actually a minor one) resulting in the server restarting.
  • [31/10/2016] NeOGames: HungerGames. Diamond related stuff has been removed from loot chests, instead it can only be obtained via mining.
  • [30/10/2016] NeOGames: HungerGames patched issue causing players that had left the game after ti started to be deemed winner as they were the first to join.
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