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16 Nov2014

Most recent promotions throughout the network:

  • GameTiger6 promoted to: Verified
  • Fnordcrayfish22 promoted to: Verified
  • Maffow promoted to: Admin
  • Jonathon promoted to: Admin
  • faithmurphy13 promoted to: Admin
  • Xergxes7 promoted to: Admin
  • exclusivere promoted to: Admin
  • TheRealJay promoted to: Admin
  • SeniorWizard promoted to: Admin
  • Fingers123 promoted to: Admin
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    Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • Players can now earn additional money from hitting certain mining milestones & server joins. More to come!
  • NeOMoney will award you $10 everytime you find a hidden treasure item during treasure hunt. (Sponges)
  • Added /admns command to display all online Staff and Verified players
  • NeOMoney will no longer give $5 per diamond ore broken when mining underground. Instead it will give $5 if you have less than $100 total, and only once per 5 Mins.
  • Verified players colour changed to light green instead of dark green.
  • All default whisper commands have been removed and replaced with /pm.
  • Added NeOClans plugin back!
  • Fixed charity chest bug.
  • Fixed white name for admins that are not donator but join a clan.
  • Fixed donator rank not showing for admins.
  • For those who arent aware the previously known (and unused) rank on the server of 'Trusted Player' has been renamed to 'Verified Player
  • You can now donate £4 to have your warnings removed. See donation page for more info!
  • AutoRollback will now automatically delete claims as well rolling back all changes to the world aplayer has done when a rollback is performed.
  • From restart, only 'trusted' or 'known' players will be able to start a server restart vote.
  • Attempted to fix a bug just discovered causing claimblocks to not be available after purchasing.
  • Added a 10-15 second timer to automatically remove a player from 'inventory saver' if they do not respawn within that time after dying in PR. This will prevent the abuse that is currently happening where players are getting out of PR after being added to
  • Treasure Hunt is back! HeadAdmins can place treasure blocks (spongs) and players must find them. They're always located around spawn in all normal worlds. They will always be on the surface or viewable without having to dig to see them. Break the block to
  • Removed INCREASED DAMAGE ability from Giants to make them less OP.
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    Team-NeO opens its mail room doors to the public - you can now have your very own email address today! Click on the 'Mail Services' link and follow the instructions. :)

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