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Minecraft: mc.team-neo.com:25565 Running Version: 1.8
Don't Starve Together: (Pre-configured In Client) Running Version: 126333 Download
Feed The Beast: ftb.team-neo.com:25565 Running Version: Infinity 1.5.1 ModPack Download

Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • [3/8/2015] NeOGames: LuckyBlock returns! but will reward in $$$ at the moment. More rewards added later!
  • [2/8/2015] NeOBascics: Patched speed potion effects when leaving hub. Helps to prevent abuse of the button.
  • [2/8/2015] NeOJobs /jobs command renamed to /tank.
  • [2/8/2015] NeOJobs: Increased payout for all jobs most of which have been doubled!
  • [1/8/2015] NeOGames KitPVP added lapis to allow enchanting of tools/armour.
  • [1/8/2015] Added new plugin that allows donator i (level 1) and above to parachute using /parachute command. SImply right click with the parachute egg.
  • [31/7/2015] NeOGames KitPVP now allows you to drop items to let you free up space.
  • [31/7/2015] NeOGames KitPVP now gives you by default, 999999 experience to allow you to get to an enchantment station and enchant the tools/armour you have.
  • [31/7/2015] NeOGames fixed the issue with randomly generated loot chests not generating.
  • [19/7/2015] NeOBasics: Updated the code to allow players to transport using Nether portals (to complete achievement). The location you're taken to is the nether's spawn. This should suffice!
  • [7/7/2015] NeORollBack fixed bug that prevented searching for names if multiple matches found.
  • [6/7/2015] NeOBasics will no longer issue multiple rule books with /rules command.
  • [4/6/2015] NeOBasics /ignore command upgraded and will now also block player chat too.
  • [21/5/2015] NeODonations players can now purchase in-game money via the donation page: You can now purchase in-game money via the donation page here: http://donate.team-neo.com
  • [20/5/2015] NeOPVPManager fixed bug allowing fishing rods to be used to harm players.
  • [19/5/2015] NeODonators modified the way the /back command will handle the world setting/getting of where you died.
  • [18/5/2015] NeOMoney added a new 'banning' feature where players can be banned from earning money. Banned players cannot earn money.
  • [15/5/2015] NeOGames increased lotto numbers from 100 to 200. Now can purchase been 0-200
  • [15/5/2015] NeOGames fixed bug preventing players from purchasing ticket number 0 even though it is possible that 0 could be the winning number.
  • [15/5/2015] NeOMoney fixed bug preventing players from sending money to other players from reload.

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