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Minecraft Server Opening!

Our server will be using: so if you're using anything other than this you will not be able to connect. Please update to:
The server will be open within the next 24hours! (12/02/14)

NeOChat Goes Live!

Tags: Team-NeO
15 Feb 2014

NeOChat has finally been released! I've by far not finished with it, but I just wanted to get it out there and see what you guys think, what can be improved and so on! Enjoy! Download Link


NeOChat going live soon! NeOChat is effectively a light weight chatroom application dedicated to us and our needs! It makes keeping in contact simple and easy!


Team-NeO opens its mail room doors to the public - you can now have your very own email address today! Click on the 'Mail Services' link and follow the instructions. :)


Team-NeO closes games servers and reforms our website.

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