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12 Jan2014

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    Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • GriefPrevention modified to add a log entry into database for when claims are created/deleted. Should help to identify if a claim has been made in the past... etc
  • NeOFeedBack fixed bug causing database connection to be lost after inactivity for a prolonged period of time causing server to think a fault has occured and auto restarts it. (So technically not a crash)
  • NeOShop upgraded the system to allow players to create shops that will trade items in and give out money from the shop owner, to allow players to set up both types of shops, shops that players buy from AND now shops that players can sell to.
  • /spawn if the world requested is offline, it will say so rather than not do anything.
  • /spawn randomizedworld is now fixed and accepted as an option.
  • Lottery, will now take funds from your account when purchasing tickets instead of your inventory. (Fixes error code 9)
  • NeOShop added a trial version of a working Potion shop to the plugin so players can now sell potions.
  • Fixed bug causing NeOShop to loose connectionw ith database resulting in server resart.
  • Warp list will now work...
  • Hub gives you a little speed boost when leaving the spawn area.
  • Added some new options to the -- help system. So type -- ingame to see alist.
  • Donators iii can no longer create warps in an area that is claimed where by they do not have /accesstrust within that claim.
  • HeadAdmins can now delete and tp to donator's warps.
  • SkyLands unofficial pvp arena's bridge is now pvp disabled asis the new roof on the pvp arena.
  • Added /freeze command for admins
  • Server Resourcepack: Reverted the rain back to normal rain. Added a new Iron and Wooden Door.
  • Added a /ignore command to allow you to /ignore a player. At the moment, it will block PMs and TPA requests. NOT THE CHAT(this comes later!)
  • Just to further explain the previous entry. You can do /spawn hub and it will take you to the hub, or /spawn survival and it will take you to the survival world, no need to use portals. :)
  • Removed public plugin for /spawn. and created my own that allows us to have more than 1 spawn point.
  • NeOMail now online! Website integration coming soon!
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    Team-NeO opens its mail room doors to the public - you can now have your very own email address today! Click on the 'Mail Services' link and follow the instructions. :)

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