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Minecraft: mc.team-neo.com:25565 Running Version: 1.8
Don't Starve Together: (Pre-configured In Client) Running Version: 126333 DL

Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • [18/4/2015] NeOAntiSpam added new 'Smart' detector to the plugin. It should no longer need intervention from me to enable the antibot spam detector. It will detect automatically and enable it thus ending the spam quickly as it began.
  • [17/4/2015] NeOWorlds: Increased delay between announcement of world time.
  • [17/4/2015] Skins should now semi-work. (This is a trial an may not stay as it caused major lag before)
  • [15/4/2015] NeOExperience: Updated now to include a feature that will display the world time as it changes per hour. This is to aid in NeOJobs upgrades.
  • [15/4/2015] NeOBasic updated the rules list to include 'No posting weblinks or IP addresses. Suggested by SeniorWizard.
  • [15/4/2015] NeOExperience plugin updated 'Giants' no longer drop Ink Sacks, instead they now drop Ender Pearls as The End World is disabled.
  • [14/4/2015] NeOWorlds: Updated limiter to include Villagers and Animals. It no longer will check if there're specifically 20 of a specific entity rather 20 of any mob,animal or villager if it's within the same chunk and prevent spawning new ones until the
  • [13/4/2015] NeOWorlds: Added a /entity command for headadmins that allows us to manage entities in the world.
  • [13/4/2015] NeOWorlds: Fixed (hopefully) an issue with worlds being loaded before the hologram plugin causing some holograms to not display.
  • [13/4/2015] NeOWorlds: To aid in the reduction of lag, I have installed a trial version of an entity limiter. I've made an upgrade that will disallow the spawning of any hostile mob when there is 20 or above in that given chunk.
  • [6/4/2015] NeOGames Changed method of spawning item in lucky dip to a more specific "spawn then drop" method. Should solve the issue where it ends up on the roof or outside of the chute
  • [4/4/2015] NeOBasics - Fixed /voterestart for Admins
  • [4/4/2015] NeOAntiSpam fixed a bug that should now enable the automatic banning feature when advertising is detected.
  • [4/4/2015] NeOAntiSpam added back an old feature to detect and prevent ban evaders and bot attacks.
  • [28/3/2015] Pending reports and Pending Appeals will now be displaeyd to admins in the login box area.
  • [28/3/2015] Pending reports are exceed 30 days will automatically be marked as completed.
  • [28/3/2015] NeOPlots: Landlords have been renamed to 'Tenants' it is slightly more fitting.
  • [14/3/2015] FeedBack Suggestion Implemeted from Reaperwithin. /checkreg will now also check if the person is logged in or not.
  • [14/3/2015] FeedBack suggestion by BassAssCrafter implemented. New comers will be given a starter kit containing some food and wood to help get them started.
  • [14/3/2015] Added to NeOClans the ability for clan owners to change their clan's tag using /clans retag newclantag

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