Servers & Server Addresses:

Minecraft: Running Version: 1.10 Download
MTA Server: Running Version: 1.5.0

Minecraft Server Change Log:

    Latest update: 20 Oct

  • [20/10/2016] NeOBasics: Fixed bug in PVP Arena Quiting whereby items may not drop and an error is caused.
  • [17/6/2016] Server will now auto restart at the following times: 05:00 and 22:00 everyday. (GMT: 0)
  • [6/5/2016] NeOMoney: updated and will now actively check and prevent /givemoney from being abused.
  • [6/5/2016]
  • [22/4/2016] NeOBiz: fixed bug allowin gplayers to purchase a non-existent biz. No money was taken or exchanged but fixed non-the-less.
  • [17/4/2016] Added back MobDisguise on a trial basis to see if it'll work with 1.9
  • [17/4/2016] NeOAntiSpam: No longer "removes" the spam/advertising messages to enable admins to view exactly what was said and determine who is actually breaking rules from those who are just unlucky.
  • [17/4/2016] NeOBasics: Included a few new items for StarterKit. It will now include, 1x Golden Shovel, 1x Stone Shovel, 1xStone Sword, 1xStone Pickaxe, x1 Leather Armour Set.
  • [10/4/2016] NeOGames: KitPVP: Removed experience levels
  • [10/4/2016] NeOGames: KitPVP: Removed auto-feeder from worldguard and created a new one inside the kitPVP plugin instead to better manage the health regen rates.
  • [10/4/2016] NeODonations: Disabled 'feeder' in Official-Games regions.
  • [9/4/2016] NeOClans: Clan power is now also displayed next to player's names as they join the server. For example: [51]
  • [9/4/2016] NeOClans: Clan "power" is no longer generated or based on member count. Instead, it is generated as the clan members play. It is currently generating 1 Power per 1 minute of gameplay. This may and probably will be changed as we see fit. Please note, if we find seriously unexpected results from this current setting we may need to reset power. But we'll avoid that at all costs of course. :)
  • [23/3/2016] NeOJobs: Adjusted payouts for several items including: Chain Chest Plate, Chain Leggings and Diamonds.
  • [21/3/2016] Introduced a cooldown for /admin
  • [19/3/2016] Hub now has an End Portal so players can complete The End? acheivement.
  • [19/3/2016] NeOBasic: Changed sleeper feature to a double from a float. this should reduce the length of digits that it rerturns.
  • [17/3/2016] NeOBasic: New feature added. If a certain percentage of players sleep at night, it will change to day. This is currently set to 30% and may change.
  • [16/3/2016] NeOBasics: Fixed issue preventing players from entering the end portals in the overworld.
  • [16/3/2016] NeOBiz: The 'rates' of all businesses have been doubled.
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