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Minecraft: mc.team-neo.com:25565 Running Version: 1.8
Don't Starve Together: (Pre-configured In Client) Running Version: 126333 DL

Here's the latest 20 changes we've made:

  • [28/3/2015] Pending reports and Pending Appeals will now be displaeyd to admins in the login box area.
  • [28/3/2015] Pending reports are exceed 30 days will automatically be marked as completed.
  • [28/3/2015] NeOPlots: Landlords have been renamed to 'Tenants' it is slightly more fitting.
  • [14/3/2015] FeedBack Suggestion Implemeted from Reaperwithin. /checkreg will now also check if the person is logged in or not.
  • [14/3/2015] FeedBack suggestion by BassAssCrafter implemented. New comers will be given a starter kit containing some food and wood to help get them started.
  • [14/3/2015] Added to NeOClans the ability for clan owners to change their clan's tag using /clans retag newclantag
  • [14/3/2015] Added to NeOClans the ability for clan owners to re-name their clans using /clans rename newclanname
  • [14/3/2015] Fixed bug in NeOClans allowing clantags and names to contain characters that are not of the alphabet nor were they numeric.values.
  • [12/3/2015] Fixed bug in KitPVP causing the random loot chests to not function.
  • [12/3/2015] NeOMoney has now had the code-change implemented and is now completely virtual. Ink Sacks are no longer currency! And will not be required to operate or use anything. If something has broken as a result of this core change, please inform me us
  • [12/3/2015] Fixed bug in NeOShop causing Server shops to say 'the shops inventory is full' even though what it was refering to was the players inventory instead.
  • [11/3/2015] Converted NeOGames plugin to connect with NeOMoney and take money directly from Wallet, no need for currency anymore.
  • [11/3/2015] Fixed bug in Slots Machines where one machine charged $5 and the other charged $8.
  • [8/3/2015] Attempted fix for Spleef Arena glitch(es)
  • [8/3/2015] Added command /donator gems to NeODonations plugin to allow you to view your current amount of gems that will soon be enabled for purchasing ingame items.
  • [8/3/2015] Fixed bug in NeODonations causing 'max warps' to be detected incorrectly.
  • [7/3/2015] Donator ii and iii now have limited amount of warps. 10 for ii and 20 for iii.
  • [6/3/2015] Official PVP Arena (Loose items) now available from the PVP Hub.
  • [1/3/2015] NeOShops now connects directly to NeOMoney and does not require you to hold currency when purchasing items.
  • [1/3/2015] Fixed bug in NeOShops that prevented shops from being deleted from database.

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