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Ark: Survival Evolved Server [CRACKED]





Current server feature(s):


  1. Taming speed boosted
  2. Gathering Resources speed boosted
  3. Experience Gained is boosted
  4. Gamma settings Enabled/Allowed
  5. Boosted Breeding and Maturing



Our ARK Evolved Server has the following rule(s):



  1. Do not block or build in caves or other areas of the map that are deemed important. If you're unsure , ask an admin or post on the forum.
  2. Do not use any form of 'cheat' or 'hack'.
  3. Be respectful to each other, especially new comers.
  4. Whilst raiding is fun and a part of the game, please try to avoid raiding new comers as they obviously won't have anything anyway and you're only ruining the gaming experience for them. If we find that you're making the lives of our players hell for the fun of it, we will take action.
  5. Tribe leaders and members are responsible for the action(s) of their own Tribe members/leaders. If one of you violates the rule, we will treat this as a TRIBE not an individual. If you for any reason suspect a tribe member of possible rule violations, remove them. Admin(s) will issue punishments to the tribe regardless. Harsh? Maybe... but these rules aren't exactly complicated or difficult to follow.


If any of the rules above are deemed by an admin to have been broken he/she can issue any punishment they see fit which CAN include deleting everything you've ever done on the server. Admin(s) do not have to give you prior warning to issuing punishment if they find evidence to support and confirm a rule break.

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