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    • It now has a new world ! :)
    • My In-Game name is: XxTheDeivisLTxX Reason I was banned: xxthedeivisltxx/bloodwood ban evading after previous permant ban  Reason I should be unbanned: I think that, during this time, I was blocked by the perceived mistakes made and made me feel better. At the time I received the bloat, I could say I was a kid. Now I'm mature and I'm not getting any more foolish. Being this server I like the uniqueness, I have not seen any similar server in this one. I think you will understand me. (Sorry for my english i'm not england.)  Other comments that may help the situation: I was getting a ban for my xxTheDeivisLTxx account and started playing with another BloodWood account because I could not get out almost one day without this server. Now, for me this time, I've missed the job I've been bombarded with on this server, it seems like 2 life-long ones .. :( Plz unban me. I hope you understand my situation.   ScreenShot : http://www.part.lt/perziura/23b8f241079cd450f9ea72daa3359108957.png
    • One of the folks I play with here mentioned that version 7.8.5 is available if Anderson would like to upgrade.  I don't know if the mods that Anderson currently has installed are compatible, but I really hope they are because they made the game much more enjoyable.  I would love it if he could bring back the trashcan mod also.  Anyhow, here is the link to 7.8.5. http://www.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24580-eco-785-survival-game-cracked-download/ While the current map is still playable (terraforming is working), I think all players would really like the opportunity to start anew.
    • Do you feel Eco is in need of a new world? If you feel it does, please state why. If you don't feel it does, then fear not. I'm just testing the water!
    • Cancel this - due to a some irl events I'll barely be active for some time. 
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