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    • 9/10 I enjoyed that so much I had to play it over again. Genre: Bruno Mars.
    • 2/10 I did not really like that ^^    
    • this is purely for the Team-neo server not for others sorry.
    • Guest Username/20
      Hi I download your eco crack 8.0 but no server folder :/ How can i get my own server to play with my friends ? Thank for the crack ;).
    • Challenges (Early Access) What are they? The general idea is that the server will automatically create Challenges which can last anywhere from 1 hour essentially. They could be Hourly, Daily, Weekly etc Challenges. Players would complete these Challenges and will be given a choice of 3 possible Reward upon completion. A pop up will appear! The rewards are randomly generated but you also have the choice of selecting just Money if you prefer that. It's upto you!    Please note, I have decided to give this an "Early Access" title as it is most fitting for the purpose im bringing this online now. I wanted to add more content but I also needed to know how this would perform before i do more work on this. Please report and expect bugs from time to time. Basic testing has been done. What are the available commands?:  /c - The main command that will also list all currently available commands and Challenges /c stats - This will show your current progress (if applicable) on any active Challenge. /c top - This will list the top X players that are closest to or have completed Challenges.   Can you complete the same Challenge more than once?  Yes and no. Once you have completed A challenge you will be listed in the "/c top" command as being one of the players to have completed the challenge. Until this Challenge expires and is eventually generated automatically again, you won't be able to complete that same challenge again.   Must I complete the Challenge without disconnecting?  No, all progress is saved in real time so you will be able to return and continue another time.   Will more Challenges/Rewards etc be added?  Absolutely. As mentioned above, I needed to bring this online and see it in a live environment before i could add more content but rest assured, more Challenges and Rewards will be added over time!   Found a bug! What should I do? As always, use /feedback <bug report> if the bug report requires a lot of information, please create a post on the forum, and /feedback <link> instead. IF the bug is critical meaning it allows players to recieve rewards multiple times things of this nature, report to me directly ASAP.
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