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    • Okay. sooooo, I'm more or less forced to write something here. lets get this over with. Ive know this guy for a while now, don't ask how long, cause i don't know. he has been helping many player, old and new, plays a lot and does not break the rules. and honestly, green looks way better on him. really highlights bottom. THANATOS out (edited)
    • A truly reliable guy who you can trust whenever, ever since he was warned he has followed the rules and is on pretty much every day. It's been a pleasure to know this guy and hope he gets accepted soon. He's pretty much friends with everyone who plays on the server and you get to have a great laugh with him.
    • I agree with eug you are extremely helpful and respectful you always follow the rules and always help out people with builds a fixes you would make a good addition to the team :)  goodluck  -M18xenon
    • I have known you for more than 3 years now and I can easily vouch for you. You would be a great addition to the verified community! Good luck marc -Eug3o
    • 'Ello, marc here! This is my second time posting about becoming verified (Link: https://www.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24460-request-to-be-verified/) I've been playing since 2014 on this server, been inactive here n' there but I've been playing for quite a bit these recent months, working on different projects. As to why I should become verified, I've been helping people as much as I could in building, crafting, general tips and tricks of the game etc.. I also am aware of most if not all the rules of the server ( I've got 3 warns from 2014-2017, making me read all the rules again) and sometimes leave feedback to fix things (such as the gold farm) in the server, I also believe that I'm trusted by many of the players in the server and I'd love to have the verified role so that players can know I am trustworthy and can depend on me for their assistance. I've had truly a special experience in this server and I hope to share them with the other players who would be able to trust me. Sincerely, TheMarcellus  
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