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  1. Nath, I`m unbanned but it says my name is banned. Post your unbaned request on tyhe uban forum.

  2. can you reset the password to my savagething ingame acccount thx

  3. Could you answer my message back when you get time it would really help me i'd like to get back to playing please? Thanks Anderson.

  4. for much passed in the firts request...and i take in this sever much time one year... my firt nick(thesparse)second nick(destroyer)third nick(XyLoN)and fourt nick(Tarka)....

  5. Happy b-day! *free beer*

  6. Happy birthday, mate. have a nice day. blesses

  7. Pls im not lying why wont u all trust me aw men pls

  8. Hello, when you consider my application on the team? I filed it in September =)

  9. hi im a new member and i think your the owner soooo...hi!

  10. hi im a new member and i think your the owner soooo...hi!

  11. Hey Anderson mate, congrats, you got a nice and great community.

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