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    • Can you please confim if you're able to join now? I've looked and see no session bans.
    • Hello there ! It's the same for me... Banned for no reason o_O ! My Team ID is : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990354890/ The serveur is : CUSTOM-PERK TRAINER #2 Is it possible to back to play on the server please ? Thank you :-)
    • Team-NeO's Game Manager Current Version: 1.0   Overview: As with a lot of the games, we often need launchers in order to play them. Sometimes these launchers were made by ourselves and sometimes by third parties that we would provide links to or advice on how to obtain them. As time's gone on, especially with games like Eco a new launcher is required almost each release of the game. This is putting aside he fact that often players simply cannot find what launcher to use and where etc etc. As a result of all of this, I decided awhile back rather than keep creating new launchers for games like Eco or linking to new launchers for other games. I would instead create one big "Game Manager" that takes the hassle out of it all. One central location for everything(or at least everything I possibly can). On that note...welcome to Team NeO's Game Manager. Here's some screenshots:     As you can see, the layout is quite straight forward and the instructions are quite simple to follow. This should eliminate a lot of hassle on your part. I hope to add more games as time goes on. Not everything will be possible to be added but I will certainly look to add everything I can. It's worth adding that this is VERY early stages of development and thus bugs will no doubt exist. As always i have done all that's possible to test and fix bugs discovered but please report anything odd, thanks. Key Fetures: One central location for [all] games! Simple user interface Free tech support lol!     Installation:     1) Download the Game Manager here: Download 2)  Extract the Game Manager to the location where you would like all your games to download and be installed. (*) 3) Run the "Team-NeO Games Manager" application and follow the instructions. 4) Once the game has extracted, as per the instructions hit SAVE and hit PLAY and the game should launch. (**)   notes: * - At this time it is not possible to change the location of where games will install or download to. They will all download to their respective sub folders next to the Game Manager applicatoin itself.  ** - If after following the above instructions you find the PLAY button greyed out and not clickable. This means that particular game must be launched using it's own executable file. Usually "<gamename>.exe". There shouldn't be many games like this but yes.  
    • You're going to have to give more details than this if you want to be accepted. You need to provide your username within the Minecraft server and I'm pretty sure your friend has to make a forum post too to be accepted. You also need to read the requirements to be accepted into the Private world here:   
    • Hi,   Can I have a private world where myself and Rehasher can have fun ;)   Thanks, Ben
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