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    • Just wanted to say to any historic NeO members that are still alive and kicking.. miss you. Been a good 15 years since MTA was at its greatest. If you ever want to reconnect, hmu on steam; https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrGibbs
    • As you're (all) aware the Minecraft servers are scheduled to be reset/replaced by the end of this month. One question that was raised early on and agreed upon was that Money would also be resetting. Until now, everyone has been happy with this however someone has raised an objection and wanted me to make a poll to see what everyones opinion was more officially so here it is.   Please vote whether you would like the money to reset or not. It is very likely that I already know the answer will be yes but just to confirm this, please vote! thanks     
    • Hey all! So , an idea was recently raised again and given the fact the servers are mostly empty I think this is a good time to be able to activate this. So... long ago I wanted to reset the servers and start over but due to past experiences of resetting and players being annoyed this idea was never brought to life. Until now!   It has been decided that we plan to reset the 'Minecraft Server' by this, we mean the whole network. The general idea is that we "start fresh" however there are two routes we can go down to achieve this. We've always stated that Private world would not be reset as it's a "safe" place to store stuff permanently so this must also be factored into this process and so the routes are as follows:   Route 1) We completely remove all servers, including private world, lobby etc and go back to how our Minecraft first began. One single server. There are key points to note with this route: This means PRIVATE world would also be gone. When new versions of minecraft are released, we would have to wait until the release is truly stable before we could update. When a new version of Minecraft comes out with major world generation changes we would have to reset the world in order to take advantage of these changes. The only positive thing I can see here is it would make life simplier as it is all just one server and thats it. Route 2)   We keep 'Private' and 'Lobby' servers. Possibly the Creative world too and everything else gets deleted/reset. The notes for this route: Going this route solves all of the above problems from route 1. This route enables options to expand in the future with little effort or impact on existing servers/worlds. We can run servers "on the fly" again without impacting the main servers.   I will add, so far all the people that I have seen comment on this has said Route 2 is the way to go so I will say that route 2 is what I am planning to go with thus far unless something changes here. If you would like anything different or want to give your opinion please post here.   It is important that you all know that if we go Route 1, EVERYTHING will be gone. If we go route 2 EVERYTHING not in Private or Lobby will be gone.
    • And the winner is..............EightDeadlySin!   Congratulations! The prize is a Nutcracker 3.0 (image at the bottom)
    • Halloween Special Event 2020 ***** THIS HAS NOW ENDED & THE WINNER WAS: _Jjs_! ***** Overview: It's been awhile since we've done any kind of events and so I have decided to do one given its Halloween in a few days!   Entry Requirements: Anyone!    Prize? How do I win? The prize will be 1 month worth of Donator level 3 for free. Don't worry if you're already a donator, we will add a month to your existing one! And if you're on level 1 or 2 , we will bump you upto level 3 for the remainder of your existing donation too!   The winner will be selected based on total number of punkins submitted. And the deadline will be at exactly 22:00 on 31/10/2020 GMT 0 / London Timeozone. How to take part:   Simply farm as many pumpkins as you can! Feed them all into the Punkinator located at the spawn point in Lobby by right clicking the button while holding the punkin!  Here is a screenshot to help you find it!    
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