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General rules of our forum.

Rules for posting:

-Treat others with respect.
-Keep it clean, no swearing at all.
-No abuse of any part of the forum in any way.
-No abuse towards other players at all.
-No flame.
-No racism.
-No spam.
-No flooding.
-No porn, this includes links or uploaded pictures, avatars or signatures.
-No external links/addresses or IP addresses. (Meaning links that go outside of our forum) This excludes links to such sites as "Photoshop" - "youtube" and other video, audio, or screenshot/picture sites. Along with GTA:SA/MTA modding, editing or sound download sites.
-We believe in treating everyone as an equal and expect you to do the same.

Rules for using PM or e-mail features:

-No abuse towards the person you are contacting.
-No flame.
-Don't harass the person. (Messaging them multiple times, if they want to message you, they will otherwise take the hint...)

Rules regarding account(s):

- You're permitted to make accounts as you please but doing so to evade bans or violate any rules will come at a severe price.
- We will never delete accounts regardless of the reason or need to do so. Accounts will simply be banned.

What happens if I break the rules?

Depending on how and what rule you break will depend on the punishment.

We tend to edit out swearing and flame or inappropriate words from posts without further action however in excess can lead to accounts being suspended or ultimately banned.

Flooding will result in instant bans which will never be lifted. We take flooding very seriously.(Posts will be deleted as well)

Spamming usually results in a PM or e-mail from higher members of management. If the spam happens more than once despite PMs from our team, you will be suspended or banned depending on the severity of the spam.

Important Information

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.