Servers & Server Addresses:

Minecraft: Running Version: 1.13.2-1.15 Download
Minecraft (MODDED/FTB): Running Version: FTB Revelations 3.2.0 Download
Ark Survival Evolved: Running Version: v304.X Download
Eco - Survival Game: Search for 'Team-NeO' Running Version: 8.3.2 Download

Team-NeO Network Change Log:

    Latest update: 26 July

  • [26/7/2020] NeOStats: Reviewed 'achievements' code as it was writte in early 1.0 days. Reward mechanics re-written to be more static and higher yielding system. Lvl1 = $100, Lvl2 = $200, Lvl3 = $600, Lvl4 = 1000, Lvl5 = 1500, Lvl6 = 2000
  • [26/7/2020] NeOStats: Achievement 'donator' will now be automatically updated moving forward. With the following donations required to unlock the level: Lvl 1 = 1, Lvl 2 = 3, Lvl 4 = 6, Lvl 5 = 10, Lvl 6 = 20. (needs to be tested)
  • [23/7/2020] NeOPortals: Removed original/default /server command and replaced it with our own /server command. Much nicer and cannot be used unless you're logged in unlike the default /server.
  • [19/7/2020] NeOBiz: RAW_CHICKEN fuel type changed to CHICKEN.
  • [19/7/2020] NeOBiz: GameStore's fuel type switched to OAK_LOG
  • [19/7/2020] NeOBanking: As requested I have placed a warning on banking transactions regarding inventories advising of potential risk to items if you withdraw on one version but had deposited on another. More precisely contents within shulkerboxes.
  • [19/7/2020] NeOWorlds: World time display removed - not needed anymore.
  • [19/7/2020] Minecraft Server: The server will now show 1.13-1.16.x when viewed in the server list. Due to a bug the hover-text has been reduced to fit on the screen. Still not perfect but acceptable until resolved.
  • [19/7/2020] Discord Server: To further improve anti-spam measures we will in the coming days be making @Smith monitor chat for unapproved links and take appropriate action on said users. Please report any safe (but blocked) links to @NeO_Anderson directly or links you would like marked as safe. Thanks.
  • [19/7/2020] Discord Server: Major changes made to how users join and access the server. Everyone by default is now required to Verify/Validate themselves as not being bots by Reacting to a message in #getting-started.
  • [19/7/2020] NeOFeedback/Website feedback page: Has been updated and is now coloured coded. Green background = viewed/actioned/completed/fixed. Red not yet viewed/processed. High Priority items are now items that are currently being worked on/actioned/fixed.
  • [19/7/2020] Private world: One road has been expanded to the border.
  • [19/7/2020] Lobby Server: You no longer get hungry when inside the lobby world
  • [19/7/2020] NeOBasics: Fixed 1/4 players required to sleep in private world.
  • [19/7/2020] NeOStats: Fixed '/stats' showing different color scheme to '/stats name'
  • [19/7/2020] NeOStats: Fixed /stats information showing twice.
  • [12/7/2020] Promotion: Eug3o has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified
  • [11/7/2020] Promotion: Noah205/M18xenon has been promoted to: Minecraft Verified
  • [6/7/2020] Minecraft Survival2 has been upgraded from 1.15 to 1.16.1. Please note: You can't currently use mods such as Fabric API. We're awaiting a fix thanks all :)
  • [10/6/2020] Website: As requested you can now donate a variable amount and not the fixed amounts for minecraft. Useful if you don't play minecraft or just want to donate.
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