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  1. Yeah, I'm a dirtbag, and I'm proud of it

  2. dude my birthday was october 15th o.O

  3. Happy Belated birthday Jerkbag

  4. i dont believe that i know you

  5. What if I DO know you? :O

  6. pasirodo dar viena lietuvi NeO turim :)

  7. i preffer Heavy Metal,Thrash Metal,Speed Metal,Death Metal

  8. You like hard rock aww .

    I like Metallica,Nirvana,Muse hmmm and more

  9. I like Metallica,Slayer,AC/DC,CKY,Helloween,Psychostick

  10. aww You like just Metallica?

  11. Hey Addict to Metallica :P

    Tell me if you like it