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  1. Yeah, I'm a dirtbag, and I'm proud of it

  2. dude my birthday was october 15th o.O

  3. i dont believe that i know you

  4. pasirodo dar viena lietuvi NeO turim :)

  5. i preffer Heavy Metal,Thrash Metal,Speed Metal,Death Metal

  6. I like Metallica,Slayer,AC/DC,CKY,Helloween,Psychostick

  7. no,i dont know you, you dont know me, i dont have time to chat around or get to know you either, having 9000 friends doesnt mean anything, just be a good member and thats all

  8. dont add me to your friends just to have more. i dont know you and you dont know me. we are not friends.

  9. dont add me to your friends unless we know eachother

  10. dont add me if you dont know me.

  11. Yeah, i may not be on irc but i check the forums, if anyones wondering... (i dont have time to be on all the time)

  12. good luck with that

  13. Tired and going insane

  14. postman had a topic up just recently and it was weird as it was in a news feed (looked like a seperate area when it shows where a topic is when youre in one) but it wasnt visible via the main forum page

  15. oh and the news feed too (i see its redone , but i cant find it generaly , only able to find it thru recent treads thingy

  16. i actualy cant - in application area , minecraft, most of steam games area , and dont know about others as barely anyone posts there but ofcourse i do check posts

  17. why thank you , i do moderate the forum quite alot since i visit it around 10 times daily lol