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    the supplied link isnt working for me.. well the link works but the get torrent button does not.
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    In my opinion he does, indeed. I have seen him a lot of times helping other people while admins are away, though I don't know what's happening lately since I am way from it. Good luck, I hope you achieve that rank!
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    If you read it why did you not post all the information we asked for in the rules?
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    i don't care what u guys say to me i just want to become an admin and i already read :/
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    I'm confused, you don't play Battlefield Hardline as far as I know...so why are you applying for the platoon anyway? :S
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    name: lel_u_wot_m8 Age: 19 played bf hardline for 7 months i've never been an admin on another bf hardline server before i would like to become an admin because i want to know the feeling of it and you guys are really cool and have an awesome server
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    Nice, congratulations! :)
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    welp. I saw you getting votebanned and moaned at because dannyboi thought you were a hacker. That really got on my nerves and there are some really nasty people around. Good luck. (Y) -TheRealJaayy-_-
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    decline due to inactivity and review of conduct on server
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    I'll see what I can do to help you with regarding that.

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