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    Hey! I play minecraft, battlefield and COD!

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  1. GandySnipez-Platoon

    Thanks everyone ;) <3
  2. DENIED myrvalco-admin

    Good luck valco ;) only known you for a short time but your always awesome in-game and great to talk + have a snipe off with ;) Have fun mate, ya deserve it :)
  3. InGame Name: GandySnipez Your Age: 18 How long you've played BF Hardline For: 7 1/2 Months Why you would like to become a Platoon Member: I have been playing on this server for quite a while and since the start, i've loved every second. The server is brilliant as are the staff, so i would love to be part of the platoon that is specific to the server. I may not be the best player on the server, but i do have my perks Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No. I don't see a point in this. To me raging over a game is stupid. Its not real. Raging leads to curing 99% of the time so that is not something I ever do either. Thanks For Reading And I Hope You Consider Me As A Member Of The Platoon