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    I vote yes. Just as the regular world gets griefed, barren of resources, and filled with claims, the nether does as well.
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    I completely agree with Sh3p47, could'nt have said it better. Good luck Chemist!!
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    I'd like to submit a request for the private world. Within the private world I hope to build quite a lot of things such as mob farms, a castle and perhaps even a shop. It'd be great if you accepted my submission. Username: _Jjs_
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    Hello my name is THANATOS(ingame name: RAGTHANATOS) As i said above my name in THANATOS also know as RAG and in the tab my name is RAGTH atm... I have played on the server for many year now. I thought a lot bout making request, but i never seemed the right time for it. the reason i do it now is because today at 7 february 2019, I havent been banned for a year. huray.(dont know if i should be proud since it should be normal not to break the rules...) I have helped a lot of new player and report every rule breaker and bug i see. i know like all the rules of the server.(mostly since i broke allmost all of them...) i play almost everyday so i know a lot of people and a lot of people know me. i wanna be become verified so people can see Im reliable. Im also selling donations to people, so also the people who dont have access to paypall or creditcard can have a nice rank. thanks for your patience by reading this. Greeting from the might THANATOS PS. i might add more below, but atm Im out of idea for writing:)
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    Hi all, so it was raised as a question so i pose it to you all, should we reset the Nether along with the 1.14 world when it comes?
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    glad to see that you haven't been banned for a long time now. last time you were banned was your perm ban. i wish you the best of luck
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    Your in-game name. RajaBhai10 Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. I like to build structures and do redstoning. I would like to add beauty to our Creative World. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. I plan to build unique and beautiful buildings/structures. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? I'm aware that the won't be any upcoming holidays or vacation which would make me inactive in our server. I don't mind getting rejected as i can at least view other's marvelous creations.
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    Good Luck raja! you deserve to be part of our creative world, since you are a good builder and a very creative person... I myself like everything you build so much.. I hope you will be accepted soon!
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    yeah we wiped the world now :)
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    DeadlyChemist had been hugely helpful and trustworthy since I started playing again in later year in this server. He contributed a lot to the server, what with his open farms and awesome ways of helping others. He more than deserves to be verified in the server. I hope he does and wish him good luck.
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    Hi there, my name is Loïs and IGN is lois_nta. After 1,5 year I felt like it was finaly time to try to get verified. I think that in my time on this server I've proven myself trustful and also helped a lot of players, as I still do when I can. I try to report impersonaters or hackers with screen evidence to keep this server honest. I've also built a lot in my claims and in creative and I've never griefed or scammed or something. To be clear I have no desires of becoming an admin, I just wish to be known as a trustful player. Thank you for your time :)
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    Hi, I tried doing all the above steps and got stuck at Run ARK_Launcher_MP.exe. It just loads the intro screen and whoosh it exits. Single player works but MP does not. I have tried googling and did not find any fix. Is this working anymore? Or should I try a different way? Thanks is advance.
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    Ark: Survival Evolved Server [CRACKED] Current server feature(s): Taming speed boosted Gathering Resources speed boosted Experience Gained is boosted Gamma settings Enabled/Allowed Boosted Breeding and Maturing Our ARK Evolved Server has the following rule(s): Do not block or build in caves or other areas of the map that are deemed important. If you're unsure , ask an admin or post on the forum. Do not use any form of 'cheat' or 'hack'. Be respectful to each other, especially new comers. Whilst raiding is fun and a part of the game, please try to avoid raiding new comers as they obviously won't have anything anyway and you're only ruining the gaming experience for them. If we find that you're making the lives of our players hell for the fun of it, we will take action. Tribe leaders and members are responsible for the action(s) of their own Tribe members/leaders. If one of you violates the rule, we will treat this as a TRIBE not an individual. If you for any reason suspect a tribe member of possible rule violations, remove them. Admin(s) will issue punishments to the tribe regardless. Harsh? Maybe... but these rules aren't exactly complicated or difficult to follow. If any of the rules above are deemed by an admin to have been broken he/she can issue any punishment they see fit which CAN include deleting everything you've ever done on the server. Admin(s) do not have to give you prior warning to issuing punishment if they find evidence to support and confirm a rule break.
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    Hello all! If you're interested in becoming a Verified Player for the minecraft server, please post your interest here. Please include the following a short description of why you would like to become a Verified Player. Note: This is JUST to express your interest in wanting to become Verified and is not treated as an application. As such there is no "Accepted" or "Denied" that will be given here until we decide to accept which has no specific time frame, it's just to let everyone know that you're looking to take the first step to joining Team-NeO. That being said, if we do mark it as "Denied" it would indicate you have done something significant to warrant instant denial. Rules: 1) Don't ask the "status" of your request or whether or not you can be made Verified yet. This also includes asking things along the line of can you "review" my request. 2) Post only one request. (Unless you your old request was denied and you've allowed at least 14 days since your last request was denied. If there's no date of the decline, you may apply again immidiately)
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    goodluck its always alot of fun when your online and you never swear/curse and you always obey the rules i hope you will join the platoon :)
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    Realy hope you could get it soon. Want to finish that build and get onto the 2 island builds.
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    Hello admins and head andmins!My ingame name is Galaxy_Girl107 and I'd like to be an admin and I will don't break the rules :)Very please accept me
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    It is with great pleasure that I myself get to know with DeadlyChemist's confirmation request. I do not intend to refer to the already proven necessary qualifications of a verified player that he has got, but to the virtues that abound in the excellent character of his. Having met him during his first days on the server, I was very impressed by his ethos and maturity. Having nothing with hypocrisy, it appears that they both are inherent characteristics. Judging by the conversations I had with him, I found out that beyond his maturity, he is utterly altruistic. Certainly, this is very easily proven in a game. Who will disagree with his helping old and new players? To summarize, I believe his addition to the verified team is totally necessary. Such players, who are that active, who contribute to the smooth operation of the server, players valued by the rest, constitute, in my opinion, the most appropriate addition. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, the greatest success!
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    I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry if I offended enjy and dedly I'll apologize to them if I get unban I will no longer be guilty of anybody if I value someone banate me forever I wrote only 3 ugly words my young brother Barthedee was the worst I think I made a mistake and I'm a kirv, but please forgive me I really apologize for the trouble I'm planning to donate to the server tomorrow please for unban greetings
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    Hello DeadlyChemist here I’m highly interested in becoming verified. I have many reasons for Becoming verified. I consider myself a trustworthy player. Many players trust me at their big bases or even clan bases without any limitations. Many new players, that first join the server already get help from me, Like some free food, server commands, tools and more. I reported few impersonators, chat flooders or just people doing wrong stuff, as well as donated both with Money as well as time to the server community with building open farms I think the server community already trusts me but also needs me. Also, I currently have more played hours than many players combined, my main account has ≈ 1 050 hours and my 2nd account ≈ 800 h which equals the 1st and 3rd place on Team-Ne0 regarding playing time