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  1. Gta samp

    Glad to see this initiative alive.
  2. Thaaank you Blaze And XPEnney! :DD

  3. I have to go to the dentist to check my eyes because I can't hear well :c

  4. Indeed :D.

    Thanks DishFlash ^^

  5. Nice one Cris and Thor :)

  6. I deleted your three posts. See again?

    Do i know you?

  7. Maybe we're just trying too hard.. When really its closer then it is too far. Cause i'm in too deep! and i'm trying to keep! And i'm trying to keep! Up above in my head... (8)

  8. /me is back and will be active just like 1 month Ago. SA-MP hackers. Prepare... :D

    1. NeO_AmirEagle
    2. NeO_Equilibrium
    3. aht3n


      plzz unbann kappe i only use texture pack Soartex Fanver and 1 mod Re's mini map :((

      please unbann me and i dont understant why baned me :(

  9. Yes, he is banned from forums, IRC and SA-MP

  10. Happy 5th Birthday (Anniversary) Team NeO :). (Members, players, VIPs, Admins, and everyone reading this message)

  11. Mr.Anderson welcome back... We missed you.. >;)

  12. Do you have some of Bacon?

  13. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana Phone!. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding, Dunana phone!