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  1. Fnordcrayfish22

    Fnord Private World

    Also IGN is Fnordcrayfish22. Forgot that part :)
  2. Fnordcrayfish22

    Fnord Private World

    Been a member of community for years. Trusted by lots. No griefing warns. I intend to just do Redstone builds or maybe some farms. Nothing too extravagant or ugly.
  3. Fnordcrayfish22


    Very short. My only interest for verified is to be a bit more in the know of the server. Been a long time since I've played, and I'm familiar with how things USED to be. Would be nice to be recognized as a dedicated person.
  4. Fnordcrayfish22

    Halloween Event Results (2015)

    Well, now I can start for next year. Only 365 days to make 999 million pies. Oh boy.
  5. Fnordcrayfish22

    squad goals

  6. Fnordcrayfish22


    The PVP Arena has only one set environment, a small, contained fish bowl. Not everyone prefers to fight in such a condensed area. Skylands, for example, attracts many because it's bigger, and has different elevations, and it's possible to hide from enemies. In a normal survival world, the environment can literally be anything, which many people like. Some people complain, IMO, about PVP loggers because any open area that has PVP enabled should be treated as an arena. I mean, the only difference about the arena and survival worlds is if you PVP in the survival world, there's no out. Especially when you have to opt-in, and PVP is pretty much voluntary, not forced, things like logging out are annoying. If someone opts to PVP, they should pretty much be signing a contract that says "If I engage in PVP, and log out, I forfeit my items," yet this doesn't happen. But then again, when you're smart and good with resources, you can make your own trap for PVP loggers ;D
  7. Fnordcrayfish22

    For Post-Apocalyptic Purposes

    Fnordcrayfish22 Is there a reason not to let me in? I don't mess with people's builds, and often times create amazing things like flying machines, and other redstone contraptions. I make the seemingly impossible possible, and a permanent world to host these things would be cool. Already stated my intentions, pretty much redstone stuff, and possibly a storage site for items. Nothing big like giant pyramids or permanent homes or anything. I am not aware of any possible reasons for inactivity, but life is crazy like that so no promises. But I've been here for years, so I don't plan on ditchin' anytime soon.
  8. Fnordcrayfish22

    Petition to Remove McMMO: AXES

    1. Serrated strikes doesn't even work, and is NOTHING like the damage inflicted by axes. 2. All it takes for max damage by axes is level 200.. That's like, only a few hours of work. 3. The axes removes the benefit and effort required in pvp.. How is it fair to someone that wears a full set of protection 4 armor to have to fight people that go with stone axes, knowing they actually can die within a few hits and their armor gets destroyed in seconds? 4. Most things in McMMO are untouched... only examples that are removed are the OP, unfair things.. Salvage, Disarm. Most of McMMO is completely OP, but they are boosts that don't really affect others, such as Mining and Fishing. Disarm makes the several amount of unarmored, weaponless people, giant threats. Salvage causes problems with our PanicRoom reward system and also is just unpractical. So tell me that Axes are fair to everyone, rich, poor, new, and old alike. P.S. Votes only count if you are active and not banned. If you don't even play on the server, there's no need for you to vote for your friends' choice.
  9. Fnordcrayfish22

    Petition to Remove McMMO: AXES

    The deal with bows is that they are in relationship to the work you put in. Like, you get a tiny boost per level, I think its .01% of what your arrow normally does added on. And it takes ages to level it up, unlike axes where all you need is level 200 to have max power. Without the slight boost in archery, bows can do as little damage as a fist does. The boost added is fair, as it does take quite a lot of work to get a slight increase. It's similar to skills like mining or repair. Axes are just too OP and destructive.
  10. Fnordcrayfish22

    Petition to Remove McMMO: AXES

    Many of us know the advantages McMMO gives, ranging from mining benefits to pvp benefits. However, some benefits are unfair, such as Salvage or Disarm. The topic I am to be talking about is ALL benefits under the category of Axes. Axe Mastery-An ability that can add a max of 2 hearts extra damage. This damage does NOT apply to armor, meaning whether you are armored or not, it will always deliver 2 hearts (or more) if you are level 200 in axes. Quite unfair, as this means a person with a wood axe could kill a fully armored person in 5 hits. Not quite the fairest pvp attribute. Armor Impact-Deals x damage to each piece of armor, where x is in ratio to your axe level. This is a nuisance as people can break your favorite set of armor in a few hits, whereas it would take hundreds of normal hits to destroy. I feel, as many other people, that it takes away the feeling of having a lasting set of armor. Essentially, a diamond set of armor would have the same health as a set of gold. Greater Impact-Deals an extra heart of damage to unarmored foes. This is not as bad as Axe Mastery, but still adds damage that is quite unfair. Critical Strike-Doubles damage done by an axe. Basically makes Axe Mastery a complete OP function. People can use a strength potion, with sharpness 5 axe, get a crit hit, and kill a person in godly armor, in one hit. Dependent on axe level. Skull Splitter-Deals AoE (Area of effect, think splash potions) damage. Allows for killing of mass amounts of people, mobs, etc. While we don't really think that killing mobs can be OP, I find it unfair that people can basically kill things around them by hitting something. Overall, Axe Mastery and Armor Impact are the two most annoying things. Most people dislike this, it makes PVP unfair and annoying. The slight amount of time where axes were bugged and not working, was the most active time in PVP in ages. People prefer swords, only some people prefer axes. Take your votes here, and hopefully this will be recognized and axes nerfed.
  11. Fnordcrayfish22

    Near spawn traps

    Honestly if there's to be any jurisdiction over them, it'd be tricky to define how close is too close to spawn.
  12. Fnordcrayfish22

    Fnord's Market

    In need of items? Wanting to sell some items? Tired of the never changing prices at the Shopping District? Well, this is the place for you! Located extremely close to spawn, my market place has a wide selection of deals, ranging from valuables like iron or gold, to mob drops, or blocks, etc. My mall will incorporate 5 different shops, each separated by category of items. The prices are actively adjusted to beat competitors, and will always be the best choice for you! To find my mall, go to /spawn survival2, go to the Hall of Fame, then exit through the north side (closest side to "Famed by Shame" and holiday prizes). Go only a mere 20-30 blocks, and you will be in the market. STOCK WILL NOW BE ONLY LOCATED IN THE SHOP Instead of monthly items, there will be interchangeable items that may change at any moment. Buy things as soon as you need them, they may be gone later on!
  13. Fnordcrayfish22

    I am interested in becoming Verified

    Gotta admit, you've definitely got ambition. Good luck!
  14. Fnordcrayfish22

    The forum has returned!

    No one's too late for a family reunion! Unless you are my creepy uncle Stan... I don't like to talk about Stan... and his donut... *shudders*
  15. Fnordcrayfish22

    Verified Status Request - CarnEviL

    I love the quote about liking girls more than grammar. I think I'm gonna frame that, it's so amazing. Good luck, you'd be a good addition to the team c:

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