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  1. You don't have to waste money on it. You can follow the instructions in this forum to get it free. The Game is Ark Survival Evolved. Specs required are as follows according to OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8 Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU Memory: 4000 MB RAM Graphics: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM DirectX: Version 11 Hard Drive: 20000 MB available space If your looking for the ip it is right in the middle of out website (
  2. 5 ^ drums were on point. There is no genre for this. It speaks to all whom hear it.
  3. A bit of what I've been up to in FTB.
  4. Taken care of. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Taken care of.
  6. So basically all this mod can do based on the video you showed is give the appearance that someone has hacks. It appears that it only makes them look like there swinging really fast and looking at the user. No client side mod can make another person on a server actually follow them and do damage. So how come it looks like your actively pursuing and actually dealing damage on each defined hit.
  7. Is my computer dying today a sign? o.O Congratulations =D
  8. Your ban will stay at 3 days and the warning will not be removed. The reason states as follows. You used a bug, I informed you that it was a bug and you were not allowed to abuse it. I then stated that if anyone were to abuse this bug knowingly they would be banned. You said okay after i told you not to abuse it. After that you completely disobeyed what i had told you and used the bug just one more time. This action resulted in your three day ban and a warning. In addition. From now on for every time you ask someone to unban you a day will be added on to the current status of your ban. You will learn to live without minecraft.
  9. I did build a pretty big farm but whoever gets the most pumpkins wins =D
  10. Congratulations cococoner97 wins 32 diamonds for guessing closest to the total number of pumpkins this year!
  11. 32 diamonds from me to whoever guesses the closest number to the total amount of pumpkins collected this year. My guess: 215384 pumpkins.
  12. I cant seem to maximize the thumbnail.
  13. His invalid warning request deserves a second look as our appeal section in the website would not include the punctuation or paragraph formatting making it appear that he was reporting another player when in reality he was stating the report in which he was accused. Yes. I did notice a structure in the desert that was mainly built by carl667 but was unclaimed so I mailed him telling him he should probably claim it so that it doesn't get griefed. I am posting this here on his behalf as he is having technical difficulties with creating or using a existing forum account.
  14. He created that account as his new account. The money system was not abused during the transaction where he sent money to his new account. The server prevented him from gaining money by welcoming himself.
  15. Thanks :biggrin:


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