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  1. UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    Personally I think afk fishing machines are lame. If you've ever fished in real life you understand there is absolutely no bug glitch loophole or what not. I've fished for hours and gone without a single bite. If your gonna fish in game you should fish the same way you'd do it in real life and if you've ever done it in real life you will appreciate how outrageously easy it is in game.
  2. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    3/10 Pretty Weird. Genre: Country
  3. In Game Name: SeniorWizard You should consider adding me to the creative world because I meet and/or exceed the criteria and would be a good addition to the world. I have played since 2012 and have acquired 0 warns relating to griefing of any sort. I am also known by many members of staff and I believe they deem me trustworthy. My intention for the creative world is to use it as a world where I can build whatever I get the urge to build while I am playing survival. I won't need to collect materials and will be able to socialize with the rest of the server opposed to creating my own single player world. I have no builds in mind but whenever something comes to mind I would like the opportunity to go ahead and get building. I would also like to be able to participate in the competitions if the topic is something I am interested in. I no longer take week long vacations. Occasionally I am gone for a few days over the weekend but nothing more then that. I also now have a stable computer which shouldn't be down for extended periods of time. Thank you for your time.
  4. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    10/10 One of my favorites. Genre: Country
  5. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    4/10 To hardcore for me. Genre: Country
  6. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    8/10 Video was a bit odd but the song was good. Genre: Folk Rock, Americana
  7. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    5/10 Pretty much said the same thing over and over... Now I'm sure the devil is inside me. Genre: Country(Dark if you ask me ^_^)
  8. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    7.5/10 I kinda liked that one. Country.
  9. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    6/10 Wasn't too bad. Country!
  10. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    3/10 No idea what those words mean, but the tune is alright I guess. Genre: Country
  11. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    7/10 in some ways accurate ^ Genre: Pop(Changin it up)
  12. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    8/10 ^ Genre: Country
  13. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    7/10 Never heard of dark country before but not bad. Genre: Country P.S. This topic is not better left alone. Hehe digging up bones...
  14. Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    I vote do stuff people cant farm. Lily pads are a fantastic example of it. It doesn't take a outrageous amount of effort to get them... but more then further along players would take as they have other sources of income. Great opportunity for players starting out to do. Its called jobs. it should take effort to do. "I don't pity the man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being" (Theodore Roosevelt).
  15. Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    Here was my ideas from 2013. 20 Vines for 45 emeralds 20 enderpearls for 160 emeralds 33 gunpowder for 112 emeralds 4 waterbuckets for 22 emeralds 44 carrots for 72 emeralds 42 paper for 88 emeralds 14 iron for 64 emeralds 10 gold for 64 emeralds 1 saddle for 20 emeralds 12 diamonds for 768 emeralds 23 pork for 55 emeralds 44 arrows for 76 emeralds 33 blaze rods for 166 emeralds 33 glass for 89 emeraslds 24 wheat for 44 emeralds 43 wool for 144 emeralds 13 bottles for 45 emeralds 40 Quartz for 170 emeralds 25 planks for 44 emeralds 20 clay for 64 emeralds 50 torches for 30 emeralds 10 glowstone for 30 emeralds 12 iron bars for 30 emeralds 30 apples for 60 emeralds 25 rails for 64 emeralds 10 cake for 30 emeralds 25 cookies for 40 emeralds 14 spider eyes for 35 emeralds 19 ladders for 33 emeralds Obviously we no longer use emeralds. I did not edit this so obviously some of them items or prices are no longer in sync with the current economy. I'm also aware that these prices would need editing to work with the system. But it gives a good idea of sorts of items that could be good to use.