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  1. I agree that it can be done... but honestly some kids gonna say "this is too damn hard" then go install hacks. Obviously mods would help you complete a challenge like i described but they will not help you answer questions about the server or get say $150 to enter. And as stated your still limited to one a week per player.
  2. Personally I vote to have a alternative way of getting shulker shells/boxes. Possibly a challenge of sorts where you pay say $150 to enter then you have to do some parkour go through a maze defeat some mobs answer questions about the server and other stuff like that. Something that makes obtaining shulkers difficult ,as they are truly supposed to be difficult to obtain, but to also make them available to players who are willing to take on the challenge. Also had a idea to make it like 1 attempt per week and you get say 5 deaths once entering the maze with kitpvp like kits being provided. So die in the parkour and lose a life spend more then like 10 minutes in the maze lose a life and die from mobs lose lives. I don't think resetting end cities is a good idea reason why.... Whos got tons of shulkers right now... people who raided them with donator abilities right when it was opened. So whats the point of resetting just to allow a new generation of donators to raid them all again. As for the end world I still want the main island to be a shopping center with plots for regular players. Like warriors because he did a fantastic job... but in the end.
  3. denied

    Myrvalco, is correct. You were aware that you are not allowed to advertise another server within our discord server as another admin had previously banned you for doing so. The ban I placed will stay.
  4. Yes sir.
  5. Remember not to let everyone place or remove blocks. If rollback returns in the future you can run the risk of "helpers" actions being rolled back. Btw I built Isengard from the lotr. Its in the private world if you wanna check it out.
  6. Not particularly interested in sky factory myself. Kinda like to use my surroundings to build rather then make a platform to build on. Watched my brother play it and its not terrible just not something you would find me doing.
  7. 2/10 ^ Genre: Country
  8. 5 ^ drums were on point. There is no genre for this. It speaks to all whom hear it.
  9. A bit of what I've been up to in FTB.
  10. Taken care of. Thanks
  11. Thanks. Taken care of.
  12. So basically all this mod can do based on the video you showed is give the appearance that someone has hacks. It appears that it only makes them look like there swinging really fast and looking at the user. No client side mod can make another person on a server actually follow them and do damage. So how come it looks like your actively pursuing and actually dealing damage on each defined hit.
  13. Is my computer dying today a sign? o.O Congratulations =D
  14. Your ban will stay at 3 days and the warning will not be removed. The reason states as follows. You used a bug, I informed you that it was a bug and you were not allowed to abuse it. I then stated that if anyone were to abuse this bug knowingly they would be banned. You said okay after i told you not to abuse it. After that you completely disobeyed what i had told you and used the bug just one more time. This action resulted in your three day ban and a warning. In addition. From now on for every time you ask someone to unban you a day will be added on to the current status of your ban. You will learn to live without minecraft.
  15. I did build a pretty big farm but whoever gets the most pumpkins wins =D


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