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  1. 7/10 in some ways accurate ^ Genre: Pop(Changin it up)
  2. 8/10 ^ Genre: Country
  3. 7/10 Never heard of dark country before but not bad. Genre: Country P.S. This topic is not better left alone. Hehe digging up bones...
  4. I vote do stuff people cant farm. Lily pads are a fantastic example of it. It doesn't take a outrageous amount of effort to get them... but more then further along players would take as they have other sources of income. Great opportunity for players starting out to do. Its called jobs. it should take effort to do. "I don't pity the man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being" (Theodore Roosevelt).
  5. Here was my ideas from 2013. 20 Vines for 45 emeralds 20 enderpearls for 160 emeralds 33 gunpowder for 112 emeralds 4 waterbuckets for 22 emeralds 44 carrots for 72 emeralds 42 paper for 88 emeralds 14 iron for 64 emeralds 10 gold for 64 emeralds 1 saddle for 20 emeralds 12 diamonds for 768 emeralds 23 pork for 55 emeralds 44 arrows for 76 emeralds 33 blaze rods for 166 emeralds 33 glass for 89 emeraslds 24 wheat for 44 emeralds 43 wool for 144 emeralds 13 bottles for 45 emeralds 40 Quartz for 170 emeralds 25 planks for 44 emeralds 20 clay for 64 emeralds 50 torches for 30 emeralds 10 glowstone for 30 emeralds 12 iron bars for 30 emeralds 30 apples for 60 emeralds 25 rails for 64 emeralds 10 cake for 30 emeralds 25 cookies for 40 emeralds 14 spider eyes for 35 emeralds 19 ladders for 33 emeralds Obviously we no longer use emeralds. I did not edit this so obviously some of them items or prices are no longer in sync with the current economy. I'm also aware that these prices would need editing to work with the system. But it gives a good idea of sorts of items that could be good to use.
  6. Godfather is just a title. Anyways, to the idea of testing the ideas. Its a lot of work to develop some of these ideas and to make them actually work. Then there is the problem of glitches and things that happen that are not supposed to but are almost inevitable. Also, one month does not give a appropriate amount of time to see the true effects of the ideas. I think it would be better to simply go with one idea and make it the best that it could be.
  7. Sounds like a decent idea. Only problems i see is it undermines the donator shop a bit, is marginally easier for people with beacons to achieve (weather that is looked upon as a problem or not), and we used to have the problem of people having full inventories and not receiving their prize. Its really a bummer when that happens.
  8. I agree with hackers having a advantage. Thats why I suggested including answering questions and a fee to join. A hacker can't install mods to give him the answers or give him free money. Similarly, as you pointed out another player, although they could give out the answers, can't help a player do the parkour. The idea only would work properly if both types of challenges are included. Lucky drop is currently broken but if it were used it would have to be extremely rare to get it. Think if a shulker box is worth $1000 in theory you should have pay $2 500 times to get a "fair" result. Obviously its not all about the money but shulkers shouldn't be as easy to get as dirt either. The ability to get money in the server is dependent on the given circumstances. I've seen times where you couldn't get $1000 in two weeks and times where you could get $5000 in a single hour. However, as I see it anyone can get plenty of money if their ambitious. Easiest way I see to prevent alternate accounts from being used is to show a giant message saying a person completed the challenge and was rewarded. If that message comes amazingly after someone just had their first join a hour ago most likely someones going to notice and report them.
  9. If you add it to the shop you can set the price as ridiculously expensive as you want but for how long will that last... For example beacons. Back when people had a max of say $3000 no one was gonna pay $500 to get a beacon. Now years later $500 is pocket change. The same will happen unless someone is around to adjust prices according to the economy.
  10. Answering a few questions was only a small portion of our idea above. There could be tons of other things a player would have to do and still only be able to get 1 per week or so. Could do lottery or something similar like you could add it to lucky blocks or make a player receive one for say every 25,000 blocks they mine. Could add it to the loot from a giant or treasure rewards.
  11. The problem with spawners is that people are gonna sit and grind all day. Then theres gonna be a abundance of shulkers and they wont be a hard to get valuable item as Minecraft intended them to be.
  12. I agree that it can be done... but honestly some kids gonna say "this is too damn hard" then go install hacks. Obviously mods would help you complete a challenge like i described but they will not help you answer questions about the server or get say $150 to enter. And as stated your still limited to one a week per player.
  13. Personally I vote to have a alternative way of getting shulker shells/boxes. Possibly a challenge of sorts where you pay say $150 to enter then you have to do some parkour go through a maze defeat some mobs answer questions about the server and other stuff like that. Something that makes obtaining shulkers difficult ,as they are truly supposed to be difficult to obtain, but to also make them available to players who are willing to take on the challenge. Also had a idea to make it like 1 attempt per week and you get say 5 deaths once entering the maze with kitpvp like kits being provided. So die in the parkour and lose a life spend more then like 10 minutes in the maze lose a life and die from mobs lose lives. I don't think resetting end cities is a good idea reason why.... Whos got tons of shulkers right now... people who raided them with donator abilities right when it was opened. So whats the point of resetting just to allow a new generation of donators to raid them all again. As for the end world I still want the main island to be a shopping center with plots for regular players. Like warriors because he did a fantastic job... but in the end.
  14. denied

    Myrvalco, is correct. You were aware that you are not allowed to advertise another server within our discord server as another admin had previously banned you for doing so. The ban I placed will stay.
  15. Yes sir.


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