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    Deep, deep, under ground.
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    MINECRAFT! Computers, and the random crap we come up with on team NeO. Also, I am gaining interest in SA-MP. Boy Scouts FTW!!!!

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  1. thanks!!! glad you all voted

  2. congrats 8,000 member

  3. That looks like something i can see newf doing, running around with a pitcher of Kool-aid

  4. I still haven't finished that background for you, i should get on that.;)

  5. great people deserve great friends amir xD

  6. I want it so bad, but my parents do not approve of m rated games. It isn't even that violent!!!

  7. I like you Signature o,o Because Assassins Creed 3 Final make me cry :^)

  8. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  9. would you like more friends?

  10. congrats NeO_member!You deserved it.


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