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  1. Congrats buddy, glad your an admin now haha, will talk again tonight was busy with some stuff
  2. Goodluck Kraft bound to get it I believe :biggrin:
  3. Ah Super I just finaly got some time to read Forum stuff. Jay so excited I will talk to you tonight anderson whoop whoop
  4. Would be great if you could get it, since it would be fun to work with you on a project if I too get my private membership.
  5. May the MineForce Be With You Young Godlik3
  6. Hi guys, My in game name is Sweeperkaas, I have been playing minecraft since just before 1.0 came out. I myself enjoy MC for various reason from attacking mobs, to playing around with redstone devices and building. Reasons for why I want to be able to allowed to build in private world: I like to build things, but also I like to build different styles of things that I wish to share with the NeO community. Most of the stuff I wish to share tends to require clearing a lot of flat ground I have various project (single palyer) I wish to show people on NeO. I also Wish to share various patterns for flooring and different pathway one could make to help broaden everyone's ideas on this. Most of all I find the NeO community the most enjoyable. But other than those reasons I also wish to work with some current private world members like myrvalco since we get a long well and communicate on ts3, which makes it possible to share ideas faster. (and I can't help valco build since I aslo need be private world member :smile:). My intentions are to bring various styles to the world which would include quite a few Asian type structures, to Mid Evil as well as Modern, and lastly but mostly my favorite are structures related to images i recreate into a MC fashion. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? I don't to do this a lot but I won't deny the fact that I took a break from MC in Nov-Dec, Other than work interfering with my game play of MC, like it did early this year I don't tend to be away often, And since most of all my major project on my working live is done for the moment. I want to fully give a lot more time to MC and show you some of my projects I have (thou some if it might take some time since I really like to use Quartz Blocks - I should need to farm a lot for that haha). Also I do have a long weekend coming up 6-9 Jul which is a LAN event I'm Participating in. Also going away with my family from 28 Jul - 3 Aug. Anyway I can only hope to join the private world community if by chance I am not allowed to join yet, please private message the reasons since I would really like to join private world and if have to correct things to do so then that is the route I will take if it means I'll be able to join private world. Other than that I do unfortunately have a real life as well and sometimes would disappear cause of this dear reality of ours. I don't plan these things they are just part of my existence. Thanks for reading this, Sweeperkaas
  7. Nice conor (X_X) lol hehe WOW top 10 a bit underated lol I'll get a bit higher next year then haha valco buddy nice :happy: :tongue: :cool:
  8. Lol go buddy win this big hehe :tongue:
  9. Sweeperkaas
  10. GL :happy:
  11. Ok cool mlad, o yes I found an idea which we could you use for the station. Still looking into some more stuff but will have to wait for another 3 weeks before I get back onto that stuff. :biggrin:
  12. Thanks man, and welcome back haha we should do some buildings together..... oh mmmmmm we'll do it after my clan base building is done haha :tongue:
  13. Lol sure as long as you don't make problems we won't mind you joining look for enjy on the server :biggrin:, and talk to her welcome btw.
  14. Ok so Finally got to updating the clan stuff a bit will post images in the future


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