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  1. Good luck hope you get it soon (^_^)
  2. accepted

  3. accepted

  4. accepted

    Whahahaha I got a slave to use xD, Super Congrats (^_^)
  5. Meh feels like everyone died, when no one has yet to reply xD. Enjy I think I'ts time we clean house, I'll confirm when everyone was last on and make decision pending on kicking them from Goldens, we'll talk about the details tonight or so. Also I kind of feel like doing something different for the clan base, sigh... Well can only really do anything when I'm done with my current builds
  6. Ah super thanks Wiz, I'll have look later hopefully soon this is a good help, I'll try and find a balanced ratio for everyone
  7. Hi guys, It's been ages since anything the clan has happened xD, prob cause we have tons of other things we do. In any case I would like to know how many Goldens members are active still so if you could reply it be appreciated. Kind Regards, Sweeperkaas
  8. After some thinking regarding tank jobs, all the chainmail items should be taken of completely, even the 1 gold ignot one should be taken of/or made a bit more realisticly. Most of the other should be ok. Maybe something for Poppy flowers need to be added since most try to have an iron farm. And at the the end of the day we have a lot of poppy's
  9. accepted

    Realy hope you could get it soon. Want to finish that build and get onto the 2 island builds.
  10. Yes agreed with Godfather, it really is bad, But I think its a great idea XtremeZer0, theirs just a lot that might go wrong. I for one would mostly prefer a interesting parkour course and try my luck their thou. But what I think we could do is maybe take and idea or 2 thats been mentioned in this post and take them for a month trail runs?
  11. When you notice that people can't read how to do things lol
  12. So coming this weekend I will make time to expand on this post and update the original post
  13. Hi Team-NeO Community, Shopping: I think its about time that some of the prices of selling items to the system be optimised so that it could be benificial to the players both new and old, since those new could get a better start with cash buy not working themselves to death and then all the veterans can finaly make use of all those farms they've setup. I've yet to completely look into all price changes that I think needs to be implemented, I'm also aware of the fact that making to big farms could cause more damage to server resources and then simply spoil the gameplay for everyone else. Their are a lot of things that need to be considered for these changes, but in my opinion this is something that needs to be looked at as part of enhancing the gameplay on Teom-NeO in general. Tank Jobs: The Tank Jobs, defnitly needs to be updated since it is so far outaded that it kills me if the only thing I stilll see in the jobs is something to do with Chainmail. Sigh thats just simply my own opinion but yeah just think it needs to be changed up a bit. In conjunction of Shopping changes, these changes in tank jobs must also consider things that could help with shopping. In veterans cases it would be great since we could finally use those farms a lot more. Donators have a bit of a problems since we don't eat but still build farms and stuff we tend to have a lot of those things which in fact we cant use to our own benefits. ( A side note, I think it would be nice as a donator myself, if I could togle my hunger on/off, since sometimes I just really want to have the normal mc experience) Summary: We defnitly need updates on both these issues. So I would like to ask everyone in the Team-NeO Community to participate in thise topic. Also please think carefully and please do only discuss the topics above don't just reply by saying "Yeah I Agree We Need Changes". FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PLEASE PUT VALUABLE COMMENTS TO THE POST AND NOT POINTLESS CHATTER.
  14. Or Add it to the Shop, true its meant to be hard earned, but you could make it very expensive in shop making people have to work to gain them.


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