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  1. builds Monthly Build Competitions

  2. accepted Sammy's Request

    Feels like an ancient piece of history that got found ($_$)
  3. accepted Private world request 2.0

    OOOOHHHHHH RAG is joining pw interesting let it rip buddy. Good luck
  4. roughtoast Verrified

    Good luck hope you get it soon (^_^)
  5. Hi Team-NeO Community, Shopping: I think its about time that some of the prices of selling items to the system be optimised so that it could be benificial to the players both new and old, since those new could get a better start with cash buy not working themselves to death and then all the veterans can finaly make use of all those farms they've setup. I've yet to completely look into all price changes that I think needs to be implemented, I'm also aware of the fact that making to big farms could cause more damage to server resources and then simply spoil the gameplay for everyone else. Their are a lot of things that need to be considered for these changes, but in my opinion this is something that needs to be looked at as part of enhancing the gameplay on Teom-NeO in general. Tank Jobs: The Tank Jobs, defnitly needs to be updated since it is so far outaded that it kills me if the only thing I stilll see in the jobs is something to do with Chainmail. Sigh thats just simply my own opinion but yeah just think it needs to be changed up a bit. In conjunction of Shopping changes, these changes in tank jobs must also consider things that could help with shopping. In veterans cases it would be great since we could finally use those farms a lot more. Donators have a bit of a problems since we don't eat but still build farms and stuff we tend to have a lot of those things which in fact we cant use to our own benefits. ( A side note, I think it would be nice as a donator myself, if I could togle my hunger on/off, since sometimes I just really want to have the normal mc experience) Summary: We defnitly need updates on both these issues. So I would like to ask everyone in the Team-NeO Community to participate in thise topic. Also please think carefully and please do only discuss the topics above don't just reply by saying "Yeah I Agree We Need Changes". FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PLEASE PUT VALUABLE COMMENTS TO THE POST AND NOT POINTLESS CHATTER.
  6. Private world request

  7. may i join? AntheaJr_KCC

  8. Private World Request

    Whahahaha I got a slave to use xD, Super Congrats (^_^)
  9. Goldens

    Hi all, Sweeperkaas & enjy here we are the Leaders of Goldens, currently a lot of new structures will be build on the clan grounds. For some time I was unable to give much time towards playing mc since work had a great need of me in real life and a lot to all buidlings was in some sense postponed. Some things to mention is that if you have suggestions or cool looking stuff you want to build, then we can help you by providing a place to build those things, although we will have to see how much space you would need. Another thing in regards to building on clan zone, Please finish your builds if a structure is not finished, we will demolish it after a certain time span, and the loss of all the blocks/tools/armor and etc. cause of the fact that you did not finish your build. Will not fall onto Goldens!!! CLAN RULES: 1) All additional clan rules below will also work in conjuction of Team-NeO server rules & verified players (where it is applicable). (If any rules aren’t acceptable by Team-NeO Admins; rules will be adjusted accordingly). 2) Too all clan members, only a set amount warnings will be given by either Leaders enjy or Sweeperkaas, where upon discussion will be held pending on your removal from the clan. 3) All members who wish to join Goldens at our discretion, prior to joining must pay 150$ (in game cash) to enjy. (This is none refundable) 4) If someone is not part of our clan it does not give you the right to bother thus person. When thus person asks you to leave. Then Leave! 5) DO NOT ASK FOR TRUST ON CLAN BASE; IT WILL ONLY BE GIVEN AS WE SEE FIT OR NEED OF IT & WILL NOT BE GIVEN CAUSE YOU WANT IT, FOR WHATEVER REASON YOU MIGHT HAVE. 6) Don’t steal other people’s things. 7) Before you build see who is building close by. Ask them “Can I build here?”. If they answer “No”. Well then look for a different spot, it’s a big map. With 2 worlds + Nether 8) Respect other people. 9) Just cause you are in the clan does not mean we will give you stuff/blocks/equipment and such for just free, live is money, money is MC. lol 10) Rules can be changed at any moment we see fit.
  10. Goldens

    Meh feels like everyone died, when no one has yet to reply xD. Enjy I think I'ts time we clean house, I'll confirm when everyone was last on and make decision pending on kicking them from Goldens, we'll talk about the details tonight or so. Also I kind of feel like doing something different for the clan base, sigh... Well can only really do anything when I'm done with my current builds
  11. Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    Ah super thanks Wiz, I'll have look later hopefully soon this is a good help, I'll try and find a balanced ratio for everyone
  12. Goldens

    Hi guys, It's been ages since anything the clan has happened xD, prob cause we have tons of other things we do. In any case I would like to know how many Goldens members are active still so if you could reply it be appreciated. Kind Regards, Sweeperkaas
  13. Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    After some thinking regarding tank jobs, all the chainmail items should be taken of completely, even the 1 gold ignot one should be taken of/or made a bit more realisticly. Most of the other should be ok. Maybe something for Poppy flowers need to be added since most try to have an iron farm. And at the the end of the day we have a lot of poppy's
  14. Private World Request

    Realy hope you could get it soon. Want to finish that build and get onto the 2 island builds.
  15. Resetting the End City

    Yes agreed with Godfather, it really is bad, But I think its a great idea XtremeZer0, theirs just a lot that might go wrong. I for one would mostly prefer a interesting parkour course and try my luck their thou. But what I think we could do is maybe take and idea or 2 thats been mentioned in this post and take them for a month trail runs?
  16. pending Verification

    When you notice that people can't read how to do things lol
  17. Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

    So coming this weekend I will make time to expand on this post and update the original post
  18. Resetting the End City

    Or Add it to the Shop, true its meant to be hard earned, but you could make it very expensive in shop making people have to work to gain them.
  19. Resetting the End City

    LoL well Valco buddy you one of those people xD, anyway wanted to talk to you about the skulker stuff will get into it when I'm online tonight
  20. Minas Morgul

    Would like to help, will see how I could help out I myself require tons of stone atm, maybe from every batch I'll set out a few for you
  21. Private World Request

    Hope you get it enjy, cause my pw build is big and lol I need someone to help out real bad haha. It would also be fun to work on a project I have in mind after we are done with both our builds. I'll prob get Valco to help out too xD he knows he wants to hehehe :). A lot of what I'm doing at the start is rinse and repeat so yeah and even just making the foundation of the build will take a while.
  22. Congrats Man Welcome To The Club (^_^)
  23. Hi NeO community, Sweeperkaas here, so yeah here is a little bit about me, myself and I. I love mc but in recent times I needed to find something to well spice up my mc gameplay a bit. So for the last 2 months I've been playing various Mod Packs, Mostly on FTB Beyond and Sky Factory, currently I'm also play Age of Engineering. Well I kind of am hooked to it so it takes a lot to go back to normal mc but still now I seem to have more fun playing normal mc even more. So far I've quite enjoyed these 3 Mod Packs a lot, luckily we had FTB Beyond server and I was finaly exposed to modded mc xD. From then on I went Modded mc like mad haha. Anyway lol now that you get me, I'm willing to try and open Up a SF3 which Team NeO related, althou most of all the management and stuff I would like to leave to Anderson, since my work is not the most convenient thing to adress issues with that my happen on a server. So for those that are interested in wanting to have a Team NeO - SF3 server, go have fun and test it out, leave your comments below, then dependend on how comments go. I think Anderson and I should discuss on it pending feedback below and maybe see how we could arrange to add this to the community. Please take Note that those considered to be whitelisted will be at the full discrection of Team NeO head admin Mr. Anderson if and when, if at all we were to implement the server Kind Regards, Sweeperkaas (^_^)
  24. Private World Request - MineKraft59

    Congrats Man (^_^)