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    Hello there, my name is enjy (its my ingame name as well) and i would like to apply for being verified.. I have been playing on the server for about 2 years , i finally decided its the right time to do this.. I want to be verified for many reasons, first of all, i like helping players with anything they would ask for.. as claiming a land, building, getting stuff, having a biz, donating and using server commands etc.. I believe i'm a trustworthy person and i want everyone to know so.. and don't be afraid to ask and get the help they need.. another important thing is i'm aware of every single server rule and i always report or send an admin a private message with an evidence if needed when i see someone breaking a rule.. since im online and playing about 2 - 6 hours a day.. (sometimes a way more than that). last thing, i have no warns or bans and i always try my very best to talk politely to everyone.. Thanks for reading this :)
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    You're telling us that our server rules suck, and that I suck and that there are other servers that you can play on? And you're telling us this why? oh, because you got banned. So because you got banned, you're posting flame on the forum about not wanting to play here anymore.....this IS rage quitting. You were quite happy to play and abuse our server rules even when we told you to stop...still quite happy to play then but the moment you're caught and punished, suddenly our server sucks, you regret playing here, I suck.... e.t.c e.t.c, I think you're confused because the way you're behaving is rage quitting..and to rage quit because you got caught breaking rules is very immature. Here's hoping the next server you join you're able to follow simple instructions ... otherwise you may find that that server also sucks and the rules sucks...and its everyone elses fault that you can't follow simple rules.
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    You're disappointed that you broke server rules and got punished? You're disappointed that admins enforce rules? You're disappointed that you share your account details with a person that also cannot follow server rules? Please take your pick as to which of these are what you're really disappointed with... what you fail to realise is that we when you're banned, it is not because we WANT you on our server, it is because we DONT want you on the server... If you're looking to play online in another server I strongly advise that you READ the server rules before you do anything...especially when admins tell you to stop doing something...it is probably a good idea to stop doing that then you won't be "disappointed" by the server when they actually ban you from it... Given your attitude I'm pretty sure you've been banned on many other servers too...and this is your "rage quit" method of choice... lol anyway , goodluck :)
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    we love you too xpod1 <3
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    And i am telling that your server rules are sux just like you lol... remember there are many servers beyond neo its not rage quit its kind of sad quit cuz i regret that i started in your server
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    Dear team-neo i'm very upset for you guys. Because its unable to play 2 gamers on same IP. Our IP banned again that's quite [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD] system when server need population. I'm not here for unban request. I'm here to tell you that you guys are [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD]. Bbye this server.... Team-neo dissapointed... i wsh i didn't build and create many things in your [REMOVED OFFENSIVE WORD] server... Tsk