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    There is also a phantom bug in this game whereby dinos will just vanish. Literally disappear off the map. I guess you could call it "despawning". It is something that has plagued ARK since day one but Devs have yet to fix it...or even accept that it is a real thing. There are many reasons this could occur but because it is so 'rare' it is not something that will happen everytime...thus making it even more frustrating because you will never know truly if the dino actually disappeared...or just wandered off and is in a different place in the world. Some people have reported that having a tamed dino standing in certain areas of the world can cause it to vanish, or standing on resource nodes (where resources will spawn)....but this is all unconfirmed....I think no one truly knows what causes this, including the developers which is why they haven't actually fixed it. I must say though , I personally haven't experienced vanishing dinos yet. I have thought they vanished, then found them weeks later very far from anywhere I have ever been before....yet they're there...it is quite bizarre.