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Showing all 11 members of NerdsAttack:
Player: Mamma Joined Clan: 02/12/2016@16:09:26
Player: W3LSHW4RRI0RUK18 Joined Clan: 11/06/2016@21:27:49
Player: DanTDM1616 Joined Clan: 07/06/2016@18:09:20
Player: lava Joined Clan: 16/04/2016@19:08:49
Player: Diamonds4Life Joined Clan: 06/04/2016@03:09:57
Player: uzumaki_naruto Joined Clan: 10/01/2016@18:10:01
Player: FrozenWolfGaming Joined Clan: 10/12/2015@19:49:50
Player: 2king2 Joined Clan: 19/09/2015@12:28:58
Player: theozzie1 Joined Clan: 10/08/2015@18:46:26
Player: osh Joined Clan: 09/08/2015@22:19:22
Player: get_it_done Joined Clan: 09/08/2015@19:02:45
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