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  1. pending Verified Request

    I completely agree with Sh3p47, could'nt have said it better. Good luck Chemist!!
  2. pending Creative World Request

    Thanks RajaBhai10, much appreciated!
  3. My IGN is Hood82. I've been a part of Team NeO since 2014. Getting verification does not mean "power" and being "superior" to players in this community. I used to be inexperienced and as a result used to use x-ray mods which resulted in 2 warnings. I have no intention to cheat or exploit glitches in the server. I have not got into any trouble since that day, roughly 2015. Throughout the years of playing on this server, I felt like I belong here and one way I can contribute to this server is to be a verified member and show others that they can trust me. I am becoming more knowledgeable about the recent updates and committed to helping players. Not only do I want to help players, I want to make this server an enjoyable place. I usually start conversation to get closer to players and really get to know this community. The only reason I ever play Minecraft is to come on this server because I sincerely enjoy it. I understand that I have had 2 warnings in the past due to me simply being clueless and extremely dumb. I am aware of the rules and regulations that comes with becoming a verified player. I have learned from my mistakes and hope you could see the loyal player I am today. Thank you for the opportunity.
  4. pending Creative world request

    good luck man
  5. pending Creative World Request

    good luck g
  6. To all admins and players, My in game name is hood82. I have had 2/3 warnings due to x-ray and advertising. However, these were during 2015, roughly 4 years ago. So much as changed including myself. I am currently a donator and haven't gotten into any trouble since. I have no interest nor any intention in cheating anymore. I really enjoy playing with everyone on this server and hope that I could be chosen and have the opportunity to play with others in creative. While I do lack the experience in building large-scale monuments, many individuals on this server have taught me so much since 2014. I have come a long way and hope you can see through the inexperienced player I was. Through creative mode I hope to learn from others and help invest in making buildings with other players. I read the rules and information and understand what is expected and respect your final decision. Thank you. -Hood82