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  1. age: 19 location: united kingdom steam: bruntz2013 origin id : bruntz2013 real name: Dan bruntnell how long have I played battlefield hardline for?: from beta access reasons for wanting to be part of neo?: the reason I am applying to join your clan/group is because I only now play on your server and I enjoy it a lot the neo group are very friendly give out good advice and are fair! maybe in the future if I get accepted I will apply for admin as I do enjoy this game a lot and like to have a good old laugh with the players! will I abide by the rules and regulations: yes do I reply abusive back to rude comments towards me etc.: no I either ignore them or ask people to stop please as im just trying to enjoy the game and play fair why would it be good for neo to take me on as a clan member?: because I would be online quite active when I can and as I can! and ill put a lot of input and effort into watching over the server to make sure that everything is running smooth and that people are not being abusive or breaking server rules also to provide a good friendly chat to those who do talk and to have fun alongside other players thank you for consideration on my application.