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  1. InGame Name: georgewarlow Your Age: 18 How Long Have You Played BF Hardline For: On Xbox around 6 Months. Pc, I first got it in around May 2015 but didnt really start getting back into it since christmas time. Why You Would Like To Join That Platoon: I would like to be part of the platoon because since I joined the server, I have loved every second and I want to make sure that lasts. Also if I went to other servers, I would like to show off this server so players would join the community and have just as much fun as I do on this amazing server ;) Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No. I would never consider myself that does that. I think that its just childish. No need to constantly curse at players or just in chat generally. I very rarely rage, I don't feel the need to get mad over a game that isn't real. I don't get mad and try to get a high ranking player on the opposite team kicked if the reason is only because they are doing well and we need an advantage. Thank You For Reading ;)
  2. Sniper Limit

    Oh. Sorry... i didn't know that is how it worked. just everytime i seemed 2 get 2 kills i got killed by sniper limit so i thought that was what it is. Sorry
  3. Hey, my names _Gandy_ and im a regular player on the NEO battlefield hardline server. I love the server but there is 1 thing that makes me mad. The sniper limit. The sniper limit was put in place because us (snipers) could stay very far back and just take shots off at people and they wouldnt know. The thing is. As having a sniper limit may be good for other players using other classes, it means that sniping is no fun for us. When we could be about to go off on a killing spree, we are killed because we take more that 2 shots... doesn't that seem a little over the top? It should at least be 1 magazine in a sniper clip. There is no reason for it, we shouldn't have to be put down so other players can do better. It is not our fault. We shouldn't have tp have this, when the only problem is other players cannot cope with the skill level and tactics we use. If this is the case then they need to get better, not us be made worse. I hope you all think about this from the sniper side because at the moment, it really does suck. People should have the freedom that the classes were made for. Not to be limited from us. You don't have to completely take out the sniping limit but please, at least higher the limit. 2 is pitiful and almost no damage can be done in-game. Thank You :)