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  1. "I got a no but i can get a yes" Awesome dutch proverb :cool: Goodluck myrvalco!
  2. Nice! Thank you and see you in game :biggrin:
  3. InGame Name: 912R Your Age: 28 How long you've played BF Hardline For: approx 5 months, 146h Why you would like to join that Platoon: I'd like to join the Platoon because I love to play in the NeO server, the guys are nice, and I am an admin as well. I think recognition is important :cool: Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No not really. I love the game and believe that it still is a game even when I'm angry. In chat I'd like to have fun "noooo, why K10?" for example. I may have called people cheaters (but most of the times they seem to cheat), but I've never been offensive.
  4. Cynomys is a player who brings fun and competition in the game :biggrin: . Good luck Cynomys!
  5. 912R

    Awesome! I added you, so we'll be in touch soon!
  6. 912R

    You'll never know who is on the other side of the line... :happy: On topic; in addition to my application I want to state that in following of the fun in games, it is important for an admin to guarantee that players have fun in gaming on your server. Recognize glitching, hacking or any form of cheating and take appropriate actions to make sure that people enjoy the server. I am aware of the administrator function to be objective and to deal in an appropriate way with comments or actions. As administrator you will represent the community, so to be an integer person is what it takes, and I believe I am integer to be an admin.
  7. 912R

    Hi Bla1r84,Yes, we had a lot of fun yesterday in the server. I have known cynomys from previous battles and we always have time to chat and compete. This makes gaming fun and you have seen the result yesterday. This was because I wanted to change the situation with that guy who cursed with deseases. I think we succeeded :smile: So, no, sorry, I'm not a girl...
  8. Hello admins, My name is Rob and i'm from The Netherlands. I would like to apply for admin on the Battlefield: Hardline server. InGame Name: 912R Your Age: 28 How long you've played BF Hardline For: approx. 4 months, 127hours playtime Have you ever been Admin on another BFHardline Server Before?: No, I have not Why you would like to become Admin: I would like to become an admin because mainly I play at your server on BFH. To cover more admin presence I think I could be of good value to the team. I work irregular times which means that I will play at daytime as well as night. In game I have experienced some bad language from players and a votekick or voteban wasn't the solution. To have more coverage from admins would do the trick so that we can play the game what it has been made for: joy! It is nice to play with regular players and to recognize one and other in game. I have a very good internetconnection (100MB/s) and just bought a brand new PC with all new features. I have no lag and am able to play fluently. If you need more information, let me know.