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#2006 enjys 29/11/[email protected]:54:26 this donator food thing makes the health regen so broken and i don't think it's anything useful... may we have it back to normal?N/A or Pending
#2005 _Jjs_ 12/11/[email protected]:04:41 eating food doesnt give regen for donators anymoreN/A or Pending
#2000 _Jjs_ 29/10/[email protected]:24:37 christmas event reward: holding a certain item will generate falling snow around the player in a radiusN/A or Pending
#1999 SeniorWizard 29/10/[email protected]:56:04 when you type /warp it should also say something like "/warp warpname - teleport to the warp you made." for new players to the warp system they dunno.N/A or Pending
#1997 SeniorWizard 06/10/[email protected]:00:36 the enderdragon is offline in 1.16N/A or Pending
#1991 _Jjs_ 08/09/[email protected]:49:43 you made it so donators get regen when they eat food but we cant also fly with regen (potioneffecttype10 regeneration)N/A or Pending
#1990 Eug3o 08/09/[email protected]:05:01 it looks like /register is on red and when a new play joins it doesn't say that the player is new on any of the servers and it doesn't say which country the player is fromN/A or Pending
#1989 _Jjs_ 08/09/[email protected]:14:10 /ach shows as redN/A or Pending
#1985 _Jjs_ 03/09/[email protected]:29:18 perhaps some new levels for the panic room? piglin brutes and zombified hoglinsN/A or Pending
#1984 SeniorWizard 03/09/[email protected]:25:55 level 8 of pr dosent spawn anything probably because the name of zombie pigman changed to zombified_piglin'sN/A or Pending
#1982 _Jjs_ 30/08/[email protected]:48:34 cant buy wither skeleton skulls in shopN/A or Pending
#1964 rafaelkamv 17/08/[email protected]:29:17 you guys should make like an auction house or something like thatViewed/Acknowledged
#1961 _Jjs_ 16/08/[email protected]:46:58 doing a dot infront of a message doesnt send to minecraft via discordViewed/Acknowledged
#1930 Eug3o 31/07/[email protected]:52:07 it would be a good feature to have something like !give money player name in discord so we can give some one money through discord instead of going in game to do the transactionViewed/Acknowledged
#1855 SeniorWizard 04/05/[email protected]:44:19 resetting spawn point with a bed in the creative world causes players to spawn there after a survival death in the other worlds. probably not a great idearViewed/Acknowledged
#1817 EZB_Thunder 26/01/[email protected]:03:56 could you add a feature where if you type some kind of command like /wild then you get telleported into a random part of survival pls do itViewed/Acknowledged

Latest 50 comments from players (Normal Priority):

ID Player Submitted Comment Status
#2007 BloodyWolfff 01/12/[email protected]:11:09 don't be a bunch of babies when some1 fucked up and trust some1 on "accident" (i wouldn't even call it an accident bc he meant to trust me); but yeah don't crySure, whilst we're doing that please look up the term 'theft' in the dictionary. Stealing items belonging to another does not automatically make you the owner and therefore have rights to keep those items. Under your logic, if I enter your home by being invited for lunch, I could take your television and there's nothing you or the police can do because I am now the the owner because I stole it. It's completely illogical... regardless of what has or has not happened. You knew you did not have permission to take those items, therefore you should not have taken those items. Be a man and accept responsiblity for your actions.
#2004 _Jjs_ 05/11/[email protected]:33:06 stone variants like andesite diorite and granite do not contribute to the lucky block pluginViewed/Acknowledged
#2003 BloodyWolfff 29/10/[email protected]:41:09 creeper eggs or any kind of eggs (aside of chicken) as giftsViewed/Acknowledged
#2002 BloodyWolfff 29/10/[email protected]:32:48 do an event where u drop op stuff from the sky and whoever picks it up keeps it; op stuff money diamonds netherite gold etc.Viewed/Acknowledged
#2001 BloodyWolfff 29/10/[email protected]:30:13 do some sort of event where we can get bow with mending and infinityViewed/Acknowledged
#1998 GreenTea905 06/10/[email protected]:55:28 xp bar buggedViewed/Acknowledged
#1996 nick 04/10/[email protected]:32:48 nickViewed/Acknowledged
#1995 The_Dabberman 29/09/[email protected]:35:00 eug3o hiiiViewed/Acknowledged
#1994 The_Dabberman 29/09/[email protected]:34:52 the_dabberman hiViewed/Acknowledged
#1993 _Jjs_ 10/09/[email protected]:31:27 perhaps add into the /stats the amount of mobs killed?Viewed/Acknowledged
#1992 _Jjs_ 09/09/[email protected]:18:13 /sit command shows as redDone!
#1988 _Jjs_ 07/09/[email protected]:01:18 please remove silverfish from the lucky blocks.. they cause ghost blocksModifications have been made to this. With lucky block available giving free rewards, I feel there should be something to off set this. So for now, it will remain but I have altered it somewhat. More info will be made available soon
#1987 rafaelkamv 07/09/[email protected]:28:16 hey its me rafaelkamv can you guys turn the skyfactory 4 server to skyfactory 3 my pc could not handle skyfactory 4 lmao :)Not currently but more mod packs maybe hosted :)
#1986 _Jjs_ 03/09/[email protected]:08:07 please add the french apostrophe to the discord & minecraft thing you done for emojis.. LinkViewed/Acknowledged
#1983 enjys 01/09/[email protected]:01:27 going to private spawns me at spawn every time even though i leave private world at my claimViewed/Acknowledged
#1981 _Jjs_ 29/08/[email protected]:58:40 perhaps instead of the hunger bar being down by one perhaps make it above the food bar so it gives constant saturation for donators?Viewed/Acknowledged
#1980 _Jjs_ 28/08/[email protected]:38:25 perhaps to add a votekick command to kick players who continously afk preventing players from sleeping or causing harm to the serverThis was something we once had. sadly players often initiated these votes unnecessarily and in the end it was decided to just leave it to the admins to determine if rules are broken.
#1979 _Jjs_ 28/08/[email protected]:05:09 stats and warns commands show as redFixed
#1978 DeadlyChemist 28/08/[email protected]:21:15 donator inv protection failed maybe because server restarted? lost all my shit yet againDon't AFK in a place where you can be killed. If you're killed and you do not respawn then the server will never give your stuff back.
#1977 DeadlyChemist 27/08/[email protected]:51:38 spawn survival/nether/the_end tab-compleation in misc isn't ment to be i assumeViewed/Acknowledged
#1976 DeadlyChemist 27/08/[email protected]:16:34 misc broken (readtimeoutexception) prob just needs restartFixed
#1975 DeadlyChemist 21/08/[email protected]:06:41 bone broken in private (not sure if only for me) (relog does not fix)I have had no issues with bone in any servers.
#1974 _Jjs_ 20/08/[email protected]:26:03 hunger bar doesnt go up when you eat food with donator not allowing players to gain health via saturationIt now does! woohoo!
#1973 DeadlyChemist 19/08/[email protected]:45:01 bone does not work in 1.13Tested and appears to work.
#1972 DeadlyChemist 19/08/[email protected]:22:03 not a big issue but smth u should know about u can fuel biz while not beeing logged inFixed
#1971 Eug3o 18/08/[email protected]:48:47 challenges run process() after event finishDone!
#1970 _Jjs_ 18/08/[email protected]:08:38 perhaps enable placing end crystals at the end in 1.16 for the time being while dragon spawning is being fixed?Should be resolved as NeOExperience is back online.
#1969 DeadlyChemist 18/08/[email protected]:02:20 going into "vanilla" makes u stuck... internal error... :(Fixed
#1968 _Jjs_ 18/08/[email protected]:28:10 trails announcement needs to be removed in 1.16 serverViewed/Acknowledged
#1967 Eug3o 18/08/[email protected]:20:45 this goes for the previous feedback i sent add something like "you havet died after joining the server so please try this command after you have died" instead of the error messageDone!
#1966 Eug3o 18/08/[email protected]:18:50 when ever some one who hasn't died after joining the server and types /lastdeath they get a error message sayingFixed
#1965 DeadlyChemist 17/08/[email protected]:22:52 add biz-fueling-station at privateThis will probably not be done. Sorry, that server isn't for things like this.
#1963 DeadlyChemist 17/08/[email protected]:14:50 my claim in private got infested by bats... prob same way as it did with parrots...my luck sucksViewed/Acknowledged
#1962 _Jjs_ 16/08/[email protected]:39:25 perhaps lower the food for donators by one hunger bar so we can eat food to regen health if we're low?Done!
#1960 SeniorWizard 15/08/[email protected]:57:49 when a player starts a challenge it spams the message like 7 timesFixed
#1959 Sh3p47 14/08/[email protected]:08:51 spamming placeblock in a claim counts as placing blocks (i'm referring to the placeblocks 1000 challenge)Fixed
#1958 Sh3p47 14/08/[email protected]:08:09 /spawn command doesn't work at 1.13 serverFixed
#1957 NeO_Anderson 14/08/[email protected]:27:30 checkout neoclans base command when not in the same world it gives internal errorFixed
#1956 _Jjs_ 14/08/[email protected]:19:38 perhaps when you do /server it'll show an enchanted glint on the block of the server that you're on?Done!
#1955 Eug3o 14/08/[email protected]:28:43 blaze's are broken again they are no longer moving and they don't attack as wellFixed
#1954 _Jjs_ 13/08/[email protected]:57:48 null for tank still shows http://prntscr.com/tz85jlViewed/Acknowledged
#1947 DeadlyChemist 12/08/[email protected]:59:14 there is a serious bug with the bank lost all of my god gear (full set) and yes to make sure it's a bug i reproduced it with scrap armor (lost too) to reproduce: step 1 add some items to bank and forget about themFixed
#1946 Sh3p47 11/08/[email protected]:56:28 omg decorate hubs with lgbt flags every june/julyViewed/Acknowledged
#1945 Sh3p47 11/08/[email protected]:26:42 bank system refuses to transer dyesViewed/Acknowledged
#1944 Sh3p47 11/08/[email protected]:20:02 unable to retag clan; all my attempts were futile as it kept recognizing as my new tag the clan's nameFixed
#1943 Sh3p47 08/08/[email protected]:18:45 disable fall damage in hub (1.13) (even if a jump game exists; almost nobody uses it and if someone ever does there's no reward. it's doing more harm than goodsounds like you're talking about the parkour in hub? That hub is getting deleted
#1942 Sh3p47 08/08/[email protected]:11:15 remove auto-capitalization of the first letter for regular users as wellThe alternative would be everything in lower caps.
#1941 Sh3p47 08/08/[email protected]:06:13 private world pop up information take up too much spaceSorry, no idea what this is about.
#1940 M18xenon 07/08/[email protected]:26:08 maybe adding moreheads datapacks? just a little datapack to add a little fun some people in the community would like thatWe would not add 'mob heads' to any of the normal servers. The only exception might be Vanilla Server as it's isolated from the others.
#1939 rafaelkamv 06/08/[email protected]:37:17 the /tps command is not workingYes it does