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#1982 _Jjs_ 30/08/2020@01:48:34 cant buy wither skeleton skulls in shopN/A or Pending
#1964 rafaelkamv 17/08/2020@11:29:17 you guys should make like an auction house or something like thatViewed/Acknowledged
#1855 SeniorWizard 04/05/2020@00:44:19 resetting spawn point with a bed in the creative world causes players to spawn there after a survival death in the other worlds. probably not a great idearViewed/Acknowledged

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#2083 _Jjs_ 11/11/2023@13:18:49 make hanging signs work with sign shopsN/A or Pending
#2082 Emperor123 10/09/2023@16:02:15 love this server :dN/A or Pending
#2081 Kebabas_Babas 15/08/2023@15:27:59 kebabas_babas hi i've been playing the game for a couple of days my friend and i spend most of the time talking in the game so i noticed that after writing a sentence and immediately placing a parenthesis we or i get silenced for a minute soN/A or Pending
#2080 VALENTINA 08/08/2023@19:21:38 commandN/A or Pending
#2079 Carson 25/12/2022@11:35:19 where is the shop command to teleport to the shopN/A or Pending
#2078 Carson 25/12/2022@11:35:05 commandN/A or Pending
#2077 Tigger 24/09/2022@02:42:15 would like to see quantity of warps we can create increased.N/A or Pending
#2076 KingWizard 23/09/2022@22:39:03 maybe remove selling delay for verified and above. its a pain if you wanna sell large amounts of itemsN/A or Pending
#2075 nico123 10/07/2022@21:33:38 nico123N/A or Pending
#2074 nico123 02/07/2022@15:06:56 strikyN/A or Pending
#2073 nico123 02/07/2022@15:06:37 strikyN/A or Pending
#2072 nico123 02/07/2022@15:06:03 nico123N/A or Pending
#2071 nico123 02/07/2022@15:05:54 nico123N/A or Pending
#2070 nico123 02/07/2022@15:05:46 nico123N/A or Pending
#2069 supikombostosi 13/05/2022@16:17:31 supikombostosiN/A or Pending
#2068 Kessekiplayz 08/01/2022@18:22:39 allow buying claimblocks i'm sick of waiting for the claimblocks to refillN/A or Pending
#2067 DeadlyChemist 27/12/2021@23:24:34 1.18 spawn sucks you get killed by mosnters and loose your stuffN/A or Pending
#2066 Gogo927 25/12/2021@19:10:12 destroying blocks in the creative world earns you moneyN/A or Pending
#2065 DeadlyChemist 23/12/2021@14:31:13 ultimatetimber not working in 1.18N/A or Pending
#2064 DeadlyChemist 23/12/2021@00:34:34 "baankk manager is not allowing claimblocks deposits..." why??Because these are NOT always permitted between certain worlds/servers.
#2063 DeadlyChemist 22/12/2021@15:18:51 my claim in 1.18 been removed without notifying me rude and why?N/A or Pending
#2062 DeadlyChemist 18/12/2021@22:20:34 private is broken cant access via /serverN/A or Pending
#2061 _Jjs_ 01/12/2021@17:09:29 claimlist command is showing as redN/A or Pending
#2060 _Jjs_ 01/12/2021@17:02:24 with new world generation deepslate is the new "stone" under y 0. you can't teleport to the surface if you're in a cave with deepslate above.N/A or Pending
#2059 fabian 21/11/2021@20:00:29 fabianN/A or Pending
#2058 fabian 21/11/2021@20:00:04 fabianN/A or Pending
#2057 striky 14/11/2021@18:03:15 pls reset the end and extend survival got nothing hereN/A or Pending
#2056 striky 12/11/2021@14:32:50 can you extend the endN/A or Pending
#2055 gunmayo 10/11/2021@13:04:35 dude they are demanding a blow job and riping my pussy off dudeN/A or Pending
#2054 DeadlyChemist 06/11/2021@01:46:20 tab list broken also website player listN/A or Pending
#2053 fabian 30/10/2021@14:22:12 commandN/A or Pending
#2052 fabian 30/10/2021@14:21:49 fabianN/A or Pending
#2051 DeadlyChemist 26/10/2021@19:29:43 gate does not support othert wood types like warped fence please add support for all fences (iron bars aswell?)N/A or Pending
#2050 SeniorWizard 25/10/2021@01:42:20 rename one of the plugin spawned dragons to puff the magic dragonN/A or Pending
#2049 DeadlyChemist 15/10/2021@15:33:42 the server/team neo turned 15 and there is no event? bit disapointed tbhViewed/Acknowledged
#2048 SeniorWizard 11/10/2021@00:51:56 ./wild tp's a player well over the world border most of the time causing instant death.Fixed
#2047 wittywolf 10/10/2021@00:01:52 i've been experiencing suffocation deaths when using /wild.Fixed
#2046 DeadlyChemist 09/10/2021@16:57:09 /wild is really really broken you die every time in a wallFixed
#2045 enjys 03/10/2021@16:05:40 seems like there is a bug with the shulkers plugin that let's you open shulkers with right click in your inv... when you do that and then normally exist your inv and reopen it you will be holding that shulker as if you took it out of it's slot..N/A or Pending
#2044 KianLimerick 29/09/2021@21:41:55 standing on campfires makes u not burnN/A or Pending
#2043 DeadlyChemist 27/09/2021@00:34:16 "hey but you can't harm that here" applies to hoglins in nether strong hostime mobsN/A or Pending
#2042 DeadlyChemist 26/09/2021@20:01:36 LinkN/A or Pending
#2041 DeadlyChemist 23/09/2021@17:49:17 colored signs don't work :(N/A or Pending
#2040 KianLimerick 21/09/2021@21:03:17 you get money for playing music too quicklyhuh?
#2039 DeadlyChemist 20/09/2021@17:25:19 please enable /lay and other sit-ish commands they cause no harm and are funN/A or Pending
#2038 DeadlyChemist 19/09/2021@03:10:42 im stuck in lobby at -199 7 -329 /spawn does not work my only way is lava but dont want to loose itemsViewed/Acknowledged
#2037 _Jjs_ 19/09/2021@02:29:43 fire charged dont work with nether portalsN/A or Pending
#2036 DeadlyChemist 13/09/2021@18:02:44 rejoining and typing /back teleports you to someone's else death spotThis issue is unconfirmed however, reviewing the code it is rather old and more efficent method of storing data could have been used. This has been updated and therefore should render what you describe imposible to occur moving forward.
#2035 DeadlyChemist 12/09/2021@15:56:05 /trails not workingThis is because the Author of the plugin has not updated to the minecraft versions we run.
#2034 DeadlyChemist 12/09/2021@13:55:50 /donator autocompleate broken in survivalViewed/Acknowledged