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    • Hiya. Itsa me, Draston. I'm aware that it's been a while, but these thing happen. Your in-game name: Draston Reason why we should consider adding you to this world: It's Creative World. I like to build things, but it proves tricky while being grounded and having to collect the proper blocks. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: I like being creative in my building, so I think maybe something unusual, but still pretty. Maybe help those who request it and such. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time: There are none for me, however... I haaave been inactive for a good while now... I do other things too these days. If you see this as a future problem, then feel free to decline this request. No hard feelings. I can at least view other players' creations. I think that'd be neat. And I think that wraps it up. Hope you all have a good day. Ciaossu
    • Personally I think afk fishing machines are lame. If you've ever fished in real life you understand there is absolutely no bug glitch loophole or what not. I've fished for hours and gone without a single bite. If your gonna fish in game you should fish the same way you'd do it in real life and if you've ever done it in real life you will appreciate how outrageously easy it is in game. 
    • The fact is, you have the time/money to leave your PC/laptop on all day to afk. What about people who are less fortunate and cannot benefit from that. I understand you can just follow a tutorial to build one. But people who don't know about it are again, less fortunate. Why should we allow you to just afk all day on most likely an alt account to gain items and play on main doping regular stuff. Maybe people with not so great devices can do this - Meaning they are at a less advantage.
    • Look you dont anything really good from one least ive never got much. But even if you did its really fair play in my opinion. Anyone can do it its not hard to go afk.
    • Ey Dj gl hope you can join. :D
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