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  1. Godlik3

    Verified request

    All the best mia :D
  2. Godlik3

    roughtoast Verrified

    Good luck mate :D
  3. Godlik3 I am a member of neo since end of 2012. Albeit on and off but Minecraft has always been neo for me and hence quite a few people know me. I have no warns regarding greifing or surrounding that nature. All in all im trusted by many As far as creative world is concerned id want to be a part of it soully to make beautiful stuff. Dont have anything in mind as off yet but i have a few ideas. If given the permission id love to be one of the firsts to work on the said ideas without worrying about the resource grind that my private world build is As im working full time shifts and have free time mostly on sundays it may be a problem to keep being active. I run the house so its kinda tough. But i can devote atleast 1-2 hours every day for sure like i already do. No leaves planned of any sort. Looking forward to working in creative Hope you have me.
  4. So This guy Omega started asking enjy to join kitpvp n after her repeatedly denying he said fuck you enjy... he said shut up to me when i tried to be nice and then started spamming report me... so... there ^_^
  5. Godlik3

    Monthly Build Competitions

    Finally new stuff :D IM IN
  6. Godlik3

    Interested To Be Verified Again

    not lol just returned to forums after a while so went through everything :P
  7. Godlik3

    Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    6/10 its average... country music can be better
  8. Godlik3

    Interested To Be Verified Again

    Thanks valco lol
  9. Godlik3


    My apologies its beastking84
  10. Godlik3


    Caught him flying again at blue's place. Hasn't removed mods obviously as per Jay's warn. Forgive the tearing and diagonal pix-elation I'm on Linux http://jmp.sh/nDNBj73 And someone please suggest a good video sharing platform
  11. Godlik3

    Private World Request

    Good Luck mate :) Would be good to have you
  12. Thanks Kraft :D Thanks SweeperYoda ;)
  13. Hey Thanks Alot Mia :)
  14. Godlik3

    The Hub In a New Perspective -Journey to the top

    Thanks Everyone @Krafty i didnt think many people will see this lol... @DJ Ty <3 @Bluey Yo it was fun tho lol @Coco You Cheated XD

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