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  1. black_unicorn

    black_unicorn verified player request

    just for information, i'm currently inactive for 2 week due to exam week..will be back on 29/11/2015..thanks :)
  2. black_unicorn

    black_unicorn verified player request

    Thank you everyone for the support :dry: :cool:
  3. black_unicorn

    black_unicorn verified player request

    NeO_RealJay: i do play everyday for now, perhaps our timezone are difference i am GMT +8.00
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to request for the verified status. The reason is i have been playing in this server since NeO 1.0 but i very active on NeO 2.0 before the server shutting down due to NeO_Anderson personal problem.However i still visiting the website to check either the server has coming back or not.Now i'm back to play in the server with a lot of change happened to the server. With the verifies status it is an honor for me to play in this server :smile: In Memories NeO_Supercrate Neo_EatenFlea NeO_AmirEagle Gamerzstyle NeO_Sixpoundsofmeat and all the friends that ever played with me :sad:
  5. I'm Coming Home....I'm Coming Home... :P

  6. glad with my clan right now..need to remove some inactive member for recruiting member

    1. Akp_Master3


      Black_unicorn i was thinking... instead of trying to find all the inactive players lets make a clan called: [[ <ToXiC> ]] <== spaces are there so hte word shows

    2. Akp_Master3
  7. happy B-DAY black... i had this day marked on my team-neo calender :P

  8. if you don't have Photoshop you can use it online at this website


  9. LOL..it uke..im just checking if some1 could help me with that..im weak im editing photo..XD

  10. my computer is really old (2002 model) i just use my sister's computer when i play minecraft, so i don't think that i can help with that... especially because i'm not allowed to use her computer at school day :'(

  11. thanx a lot..actually i meed some1 that can helpvme with my signature because i dont have photoshop in my laptop..msg me if u can help i will tell u how it look..

  12. nice profile pic, really works out with the name :D


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