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  1. New post, check it out!
  2. Missed this D:
  3. I think everyone has donated atleast once of all who are helping and i will definitely look for it!
  4. accepted

    best of luck.
  5. prolly, stone, netherbricks, and something that can be used to make it more green and glowy to keep the area always dark we may need to cover the entire thing too
  6. alright lets start by clearing a huge amount of area, we would need different blocks too
  7. is that your real face?

  8. Anyone interested in making this epicly epic castle with me?
  9. a deserving candidate imo, all the best.
  10. Thank you! I cant say how much I appreciate your in-depth review, it really helps us out a lot, I will try to work on all these points, after all you don't have to be an expert, to tell your tastes and opinions. The sub REALLY helps. Thank you. thanks man! glad you liked em :D
  11. player heads like having the heads of people you've slayed in pvp? could be cool.
  12. glad to have you on board man :D I'm glad you found mine worthy man means a lot!

    I think you're a nice guy, all the best.
  14. much appreciated man! thanks for the sub


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