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  1. Te veo el Lunes en la noche!!

  2. Yo tambien bolu :( <3

  3. Miss you mi boluda preferida!!

  4. Could you please answer on IRC, obsidian?

  5. You should watch how the map is going, it's almost done.

  6. Bro, are you on skype/irc?

  7. Nice! Enjoy your time with your family dude! :) Your allready damn missed my friend so dont stay for to long ;) Later Juan!

  8. Im gonna to visit my dad and meet my uncle's son

  9. Im sexy and I know it :P Where you're going to travel to my friend, so officialy going on some vacations or what is it?

  10. Bro, I will travel tomorrow so I have no idea when will I get back to play.. Anyway I will be checking the forum. Btw, nice pic