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  1. Hey hey Perry!! Do u remember me??

  2. If some old NeO is looking for us, we are in TG and FFS servers (MTA) =)

  3. Hunger Games Arena Competition

    Heeeeey davy! Nice to see you back. I hope to see you in mta :P
  4. MTA Server Is Back!

    Nowadays I am busy with the exams but in a few days I"l be back!
  5. Team-NeO 9th Birthday Movie 2015

    Happy birthday to all guys!!! I hope this clan lasts for many more to come!! :D
  6. NeO's 9th Birthday

    Congratulations for all! I hope it lasts for many more to come!! :D
  7. Man, just waita little time. Think that the server was closed more than 2 years, I think. So wait a few time. I am sure that old and new players will be back soon.
  8. super jump?

    Nah only push your jump key, I think 3 times, but in the right time. 1st for jump, 2nd to gain momentum and the otherbone just before to land again. More or less. I don't know very well jow to explain you it :P
  9. super jump?

    Hahahaha Maybe, superjump is considerated a sc. Anyway, it is easy to do. You only have to practise. I have learnt it a few days ago and it is easy! :P
  10. MTA Server Is Back!

    Good job and thanks mate. I will try to say others that server is back and I hope that this server returns to be full again. Now it is time to remember my password there O.o
  11. Of course I'll join it. Nice to speak with you again :D
  12. Really I forgot it :S

  13. U lier!u said u would be on mta at the night!


  14. finally finally finally u commented on my profile i were looking everyday to see if u have answered me. :D

    about my exams my results were great!

    and now ill w8 for you to play together!

  15. jajaja, good luck mate! I finished them the last week :D

    But at the moment I can't play. I need a new PC :C