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  1. *Eats your dorito's

  2. Happy Birthday mate!

  3. Happy Birthday ! :D

  4. And do I know you? Don't add me if I don't know you mate.

  5. Hmm, 13 page essay for social, and each paragraph I make is a page long -_- I need to find a shortcut

  6. Yeah but that takes appoximately 5 seocnds, it took me 3 seconds to go to that guys page and add ya ;D Be happy :P

  7. pfft you could have just pressed a name on a topic i started or search "NeO_Q" on the main page on the search box.. :D

  8. Same as NeO_Q, don't add me if you don't know me

  9. Hmmm. Trying to get learners, wish me luck that I don't crash ! xD

    1. sneakz99


      i dont want to drive anymore lol jk:D

    2. TheFlashX3
  10. Hmmm. So thats who you are in real life xD Nice head phones mate :D

  11. Power, you see the changes I made in your Chinese Temple? :3 You like them or hate them? :O

  12. Tybal go away ! Power is mine :P

  13. What A Day! But I sprained my foot D:

    1. tybalarezo123


      awee :(

      im sowee skky

    2. TheFlashX3


      Lol its alright tybal :3

  14. Wow, Penney no profile comments? :o

    Let me say Hello my friend :3