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  1. Soo that's reason why you kept minecraft whille MTA has more population and more donations ? Btw it's the past and forget guys. If still is playing MTA and want to see some old friends we are playing.
  2. It's a shame ? You clossed it 2 years ago when we had many peoples online , that's the shame !
  3. MTA Server Is Back!

    Well nice Good Luck in the future.
  4. The forum has returned!

    OFC, Wanna play CS:GO ? xD
  5. The forum has returned!

    Chippie, long time :) Welcome back my friend. Bieceps is always with you.
  6. The forum has returned!

    Hey Burger :) Nice to see ya again.
  7. The forum has returned!

    Same here Jambo !!! Welcome Back NeO
  8. Gibbsy do you have 1 more key ? if yes give it to me pls "_*

  9. Gibbsy do you have 1 more key ? if yes give it to me pls "_*

  10. hey dude i just banned in team neo 30 days.

    how ubanned?plz

  11. ty. Now we have BIG TEAM :D

  12. ty. Now we have BIG TEAM :D