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  1. You like hard rock aww .

    I like Metallica,Nirvana,Muse hmmm and more

  2. aww You like just Metallica?

  3. Hey Addict to Metallica :P

    Tell me if you like it

  4. Te envie un mensaje xylon leelo

  5. aww First show me you sister please

  6. Lol Thor nice GIF XD

  7. I know the server are protect for hacks

  8. Why you do false acuse to me if i dont use Hacks for mta so.....

  9. Hi i am not angry with you or maybe

  10. Nice profile photo.. And how are you?

  11. How are you? ;P you have facebook?

  12. Happy Birthday!!!! Eggy ( nino malo ) :¨P

  13. I need a Girlfriend :D: D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  14. Happy Birthday! =D xD