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  1. NeO_Xiborg

    Gta samp

    Dont worry boys! Got the most unreliable Canadian on the job, never fear!
  2. NeO_Xiborg

    Looking for Graphics Designers

    I mean, I'm decent at Photoshop and I'll happily give it a go. Don't come on the forums often but if you need to get me, add me on steam or leave a comment or something http://steamcommunity.com/id/KingXiborg/ oxoxoxox
  3. NeO_Xiborg

    POLL CLOSED: Christmas Raffle OR Competition

    Expecting some magical fish ngl
  4. NeO_Xiborg

    A Big Thank you!

    Ayy lmao
  5. NeO_Xiborg

    H1Z1, Anyone have it?

    I'll come and chase you both around shouting stuff at some point. Soon.
  6. NeO_Xiborg

    The forum has returned!

    Biceps is always with you? Are you quoting the almighty paszabiceps?
  7. NeO_Xiborg

    NeO_Xiborg promoted to: Admin

  8. NeO_Xiborg

    The forum has returned!

    Aloha! Nice to see you too! :D
  9. NeO_Xiborg

    The forum has returned!

    Woop woop get hyped boys! #HypeTrain
  10. Happy birthday, xiburger!!


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