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  1. SA-MP in GTA5

    Wondering if GTANetwork will last though... There were 2 other alternate multiplayer mods by different teams in the works before they had to shut down. Apparently, Take-Two pressured both of them to shut down their projects. I only heard about it because I actually knew one of the coders. I'm interested in seeing where this goes as well.
  2. Marth gets the admin title, and I don't. I'm so Jelly. xd

  3. super jump?

    It's pretty much all about timing and luck. Sometimes you don't have the option to do it depending on your first jump. It's pretty much a glitch and a way to shortcut. Pretty sure there was a rule against using it on NeO. :P
  4. Cool! Nice job! I'll be around! Also, if you'll need help paying to keep it up, just pm me here! :P
  5. It's a shame.. If we could find someone reliable to code, I think I would be all in at this point too.. I could even cover server costs if that would be a problem in the end (depending on costs). I can be a bit busy now though.
  6. I wouldn't really agree with reopening atm. I would have an easier time agreeing with something like this if, by some chance, Duff would help. He's quite the busy man nowadays though.
  7. The forum has returned!

    I saw this from the facebook page. Nice news! :D Thanks.
  8. I keep trying to choose a different photo and it keeps turning into the George Clooney picture. DXX

  9. On my status updates now. :P

  10. Yeah np. I like playing with you too. Is everything ok man?

  11. Shoot I don't think i could post what i want to tell you here.. It won't let me PM you.

  12. :,( but one piece is way too long for me to watch. lol

  13. Listening to Asking Alexandria, Stand up and Scream.. Like that album.