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  1. Wondering if GTANetwork will last though... There were 2 other alternate multiplayer mods by different teams in the works before they had to shut down. Apparently, Take-Two pressured both of them to shut down their projects. I only heard about it because I actually knew one of the coders. I'm interested in seeing where this goes as well.
  2. It's pretty much all about timing and luck. Sometimes you don't have the option to do it depending on your first jump. It's pretty much a glitch and a way to shortcut. Pretty sure there was a rule against using it on NeO. :P
  3. Cool! Nice job! I'll be around! Also, if you'll need help paying to keep it up, just pm me here! :P
  4. It's a shame.. If we could find someone reliable to code, I think I would be all in at this point too.. I could even cover server costs if that would be a problem in the end (depending on costs). I can be a bit busy now though.
  5. I wouldn't really agree with reopening atm. I would have an easier time agreeing with something like this if, by some chance, Duff would help. He's quite the busy man nowadays though.
  6. I saw this from the facebook page. Nice news! :D Thanks.


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