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  1. For some reason it makes me feel old or is that just me :P ?
  2. Perhaps you will remember now to not afk at you xp farm ;) ! just kiding though Gz Gz
  3. Congratz, hope your a better admin then zombiekiller though. ;)
  4. Congratz Kangopt ^^, no more yellow name for u !
  5. Good that you realize your mistake you were indeed rulebreaking and have been punished for that with a warning because when we confronted you, you rather trolled instead of cooperating with us. What you have to understand is you and your brother (if he excists) live under the same roof aka same ip adress so as Painwithin pointed out above you both are responsible for the warnings you get and they add up if they are made on a different acount. So the warning Voltron gave you just refers to the combined warning you both accumulated. Those were already 5 warning yet this is your first ban so your lucky. So you admit that your brother was also hacking ? Make sure to also remind him to remove them in that case! Its not a smart thing to do just blindly believe in everything your borther says, if you first join this server there is plenty of info avaidable in spawn about how this server works. And you should always first read the server rules no matter what anyone said. So your responsible for your mistake not your brother keep that in mind. Knowing this ban is only for 1 week its nearly ending so i suggest if you come back on the server that the first thing you do is check out the rules and if you have any other questions feel free to ask anyone. Make sure you stick to the rules because punishes only get higher.
  6. I remember you saying something similar when i asked you to remove your mods, you obviously didnt so i kicked you and your response was to log in on a different acount even admitting it was you and just troll around using your mods again. Then again back to main acount to say what voltron has been pointing out above. So my question simply is why should we believe you now ? After you have been such a huge troll ? Also knowing this is your fifth warning yet only your first ban i dont think there is any chance for your ban to be lifted (ban of 1 week). Ps: writing in caps or increased font size wont help you any further.
  7. Gratz welcome in the team :D
  8. Gratz on the promo !
  9. NO! To Famous
  10. Fraday incase you have forgotten, You can clearly see Andersons reply, and you even responded on it. So you have seen the reply he wrote. ANDERSON said : You will never be accepted for anything if you continue to behave the way you have been so far. I would not waste your time posting more nonsense for at least a month if you hope to ever be accepted. Yet here you are again wasting people's time, you are not getting accepted ... Letme suggest to not post any more requests it may even get you banned. And perhaps in a few months if you have changed in a good way atleast you could give platoon another shot.
  11. You dont ;), scroll up to your original post and you will find a edit bottem on the bottem right of that post. Continue from there =)
  12. Congratz buddy ! :D
  13. Yes you are sk8erace1 dont try to play games with us here that wont help. I suggest you better stop with making all those acounts and the lies because it will only bring you more trouble and will prob get you banned. You are not getting verified admin or anything else in the near future thats for sure. Also you don't have to read it in depth.. But you should be expected to act accordingly towards it. Perhaps start with doing that if you ever want to become verified admin or whatever else.
  14. Well you clearly didnt read it well enough, and as a admin you will have to care about what a lot of people say. You dont simply become a admin by just asking for it you need to show us and the other players that you are worthy of the position if you cannot do that you will never become one. So my suggestion would be start listening and reading carefully and perhaps ... perhaps ... there is a change you become admin.


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