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  1. UnBan Afk Fishing Request

    What do you mean by you were atm fishing? As in using a mod to auto fish? If so that goes against bros rules as it gives you a unfair advantage over normal players. Yes I understand your point with the mob farms but they are made and used with Redstone,and are regulated by how many mobs are allowed to spawn in the area where as just leaving your computer on with a afk Fisher mod allows you to fish all day while you don't do anything. This is neo, you earn what you got and your proud for having what you have. Only the Oracle can help you now.
  2. roughtoast Verrified

    Thx godlik3
  3. IGN: roughtoast I would like to build something great, find out who the best builders are in the server and make a masterpeice. I'm unsure of what but.... im thinking a large npc village with everything functioning or ready to work for a player aswell. Recently i have attained the donator status and i would like to build something with the help of the donator features. I am thinking of building another cool structure from the Lord of the Rings or something like that. Id hate to see my month of donatorship be wasted with endless wandering around spawn. As for my time and vacations and such on the server... generally i don't go on vacation like ever.. and for the most part i am on late at night which is early morning for yall in Europe. I figure if i work on it almost every night ill have a masterpiece in no time.
  4. pending Fnordcrayfish22

    Been a oldie for a while, good luck man. may neo forever live on with you as a verified player.
  5. roughtoast Verrified

    Thanks guys, Would love to have this rank finally, after playing since 2010 or somewhere around there.
  6. roughtoast Verrified

    ya got it blue, ill keep u up to date on everything
  7. roughtoast Verrified

    thx valco <3
  8. roughtoast Verrified

    Hey ya'll most of you know me since 2010 XD been on the server since i first started playing minecraft. been on n' off, usually on, often talking to admins, usually one to search for hackers and help out. tbh main reason I want to be verified is so i can prove myself and move onto admin. I'v run my own server for 2.5 years, sadly no longer running, been a admin on 2 tekkit servers and 3 minecraft servers. i'm a builder and i love playing around with plugins :p and even more so building. sure iv been warned for a fair few things in the past but that's the past. alot happens in 7 years :p. but stuff changes and you mature. now i'm on the opposite side. still building crazy things like my hotel pig farms for players, xp farms, houses for new players and other projects like sammie's restoration project. i'm in Australia so my time zone is different to all other admins and players. I run a donation service aswell to players so players can enjoy the features of being a donator when they arnt allowed to use their parents cards XD i just charge in diamonds or $$$. At the end of the day.... ever since i got on neo in 2010.... the matrix has had me.
  9. Hi guys, I'm in need of building surplices. I am paying diamonds. Please refer to the list bellow-: Cobble stone 10 diamonds per double chest. (Need 2 double chests worth) Oak Logs (Not planks) 24 diamonds per double chest(need about 8 double chests worth) Glass 30 diamonds per double chest (need about 4) Red Wool 32 Diamonds per double chest(need at least 8) Stone 10 diamonds per double chest(need 2) Black wool 32 diamonds per double chest(need 1) Glowstone 32 diamonds (need 4) Iron blocks 2 diamonds per block (need about 50) 15 diamonds for 4 stacks of book shelfs. Oak Leaves and spruce tree leaves. 10 diamonds per double chest.(need 1 double chest of oak and 5 of spruce) And to save people asking, How do i have so many, I used to sell donator ships :tongue: What's it for? you will see as you deliver the products. Other things ill be wanting 2 eff iv enchantment books. 4 unbrk III or higher enchantment books. 2 sharp v enchantment books.
  10. CRAP,got a massive ear infection,hurts like hell,yesterday i was bleeding out my ear . . .. OUCH

  11. i want to buy 20 bottles of enchanting... that would be 12 emeralds, please give me your in game name to buy them from you

  12. :) ty i had to use full protection IV a sword with aspect II and sharp IV with 3 apples

    it was some challange

    equi good try as it was a pretty even match and was a good challange :)

    i had been saving that armour for ages untill i had a full suit of protection IV

  13. LMAO @ your signature xP congrats...

  14. Just to let you know that i have 6 spare slimes if that is any help. and i wanna but 15 bottle o' enchanting please ty :D xD and i have my own blaze crusher so i will stop harrasing you now :D see you soon xD

  15. jobs for the town are as following: COLLET LOTS OF WOOL, get a ton of stone,get blaze rods from grinding blazes,get glowstone,, collect wood

    1. T3R0R


      HMMM how much you pay for them? :D