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  1. Hunger Games Arena Competition

    Well, I might actually, pretty busy with my study and work though. And for Anderson, would it be possible to rotate maps somehow? This way you won't play each map over and over again, might make it even more fun. ^^
  2. Hunger Games Arena Competition

    Well, this is what I made so far, a pretty basic map with some chest, caves and (mostly) traps. :tongue: When I get some more time I might make something better. Couldn't upload all screenshots though, error 500?
  3. Hunger Games Arena Competition

    Sure, I'll see what I'll come up with :P
  4. Hunger Games Arena Competition

    Well, seems like I checked on the server just in time. ;P Some people might not know me but I was a minecraft/MTA addict here for a while and I love the Hungergames. I'll have a go! P.s. Are we allowed to make traps and use redstone stuff etc.?
  5. Hey Andrikos, how ya doing? (:

  6. 999 posts with 2.42 posts a day :P

    For people who don't know, I am addicted to the forum.

  7. woohoo! I am the right-hand man :D

  8. Happy birthday, come to MTA sometime :D I like Dutchies cuz I'm one myself :P

  9. Did now :D idk what it is but shoutbox also won't work for me -.-'

  10. Just noticed I didn't add you to my friends yet :x

    Btw then I added you but nothing happened, pressed the button again, then removed. -.-

  11. Finally reached the 2.00 posts a day!!!!

  12. Sie mussen zu neo/vip/admin request gehen, lesen Sie die pinned topics aber Sie mussen gut in Englisch sein.

  13. Dash I've got a suggestion, try not to give the letters a white color everytime you post something. Because if you do that they are unreadable on your phone. If you just type they are white on normal forum and black on mobile version.

    Btw. HI!

  14. Lol, they probably do xD

  15. Gratz for your birthday, forum said it was your birthday

  16. Gratz andrikos :DD

  17. can you come to irc? i need you

  18. Happy birthday duffo!!!

  19. I also did


    Glad I have you now :D