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  1. Minecraft Guide

    As Llama said before, please keep on topic.
  2. Basically away until the 28th because of a conference.

    1. Andrikos


      wheres my milk and c0okies?

  3. Thankz. Btw how do you like ME3? :)

  4. You commented twice, I have to authorize every comment before people can see it ;) Thanks though :D

  5. Ohaidere! How you be buddy? :D

  6. And yet, for being an anti social *person* you have probably among the most comments/views of anyone ;)

  7. Been inactive recently because I'm applying to get into college and trying to be come a rated certified fencing ref. Will be back soonish :D Miss y'all

  8. Yeah if you're still having that problem, we gotta chat on IRC sometime brother ;) Longish time no see lol.

  9. Oh >.>

    *sneaks away quietly as possible*

  10. You haz no friendz! Be nicer to peoplez!

  11. Oh I get it you're saying naked, I was thinking what the heck is a nekk ID or something... >.<

  12. You need more comments. Almost everyone has more than you do. Work on it


  13. Minecraft Guide

    You don't, you ask an admin/VIP to do it for you using /help. Example: /help I need my city protected please tp to me when you can or /help I need my city protected at X: Y: Z: If you do the second way (and know how to check your coordinates) your city might be able to be protected while your gone. But either way you do it, you just have to wait for an admin/VIP. Thanks for your patience in advance ;)
  14. Minecraft Guide

    This just in: epic controversy over the gender of Anderson rips Team NeO apart!!! More on the continuing saga next week... ;-)
  15. Lol whatchoo want Liar ;)

  16. saaaaaw it xD and deleted lol