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  1. Larsbehet


    As far as I have seen from you I can vouch for you becoming verified. You seem to be quite professional while also a very sociable person. For now however, good luck, I hope you'd get verified. :)
  2. Larsbehet

    Dont Starve Together Server (CRACKED)

    This is a post from around a year ago, don't expect the server to be up if it isn't on the main page. Yeah a bit sloppy administration work but come on, check the main page for all running servers. And what is 15 minutes on the average lifespan of 71 years, I calculated it for you 0,0000004% of your life. Be happy that you can spend that small part of that life on a computer btw, doesn't seem like everyone can enjoy that luxery. :)
  3. Larsbehet

    Banned for joking around with a friend

    I agree with Myrvalco, As I am Dutch myself, the first thing I think of after reading 'neger', is indeed a racist slur for an african american, or someone with black skin color. Just deal with the fact that some people think differently about the way you use 'jokes'.
  4. Larsbehet

    SA-MP in GTA5

    Update: Due to my personal situation development is currently on a halt. I'll notify everyone involved as soon as I have the ability to work on the server again. Meanwhile I'll leave the stuff I managed to get working tho. Changelog since start - 15/02/2017 (d/m/y) Basic car spawning mechanics on server start. Developers have the ability to add new cars to spawnlist A brief introduction to skin selection Known bugs since start - 15/02/2017 (d/m/y) Some cars don't spawn properly due to their name not being the same as their vehicle hash You can still set the car speed of all cars, will be turned off as soon as there will be an fully open beta. I hope to have informed you enough on this matter, for further questions you can always privately message me (let's not fill this board up with questions). - Lars
  5. Larsbehet

    Warning Removal Request

    Is it me, or wouldn't you've been better off contacting GammaJon directly? Anyways, maybe trying to fix it with the admin giving you the warn directly would be an easier way of doing this instead.
  6. Larsbehet

    I d like to be verified

    Hey Style, You seem to be new to the forums, so first of all, welcome! I can see you're quite enthusiastic about becoming verified, but if I may advice you a bit, I would broaden your explanation as to why you want to become verified and what you want to achieve with being verified. (In case you wish to do this there is an 'edit' button underneath your request) I'm interested to see where this'll go, as I don't hang around on Minecraft very often (it's only on rare occasions). Good luck! :)
  7. Larsbehet

    Verification Request

    Since it doesn't let me edit my last post I'll continue here. It sincerely amazes me to see your behaviour. It seems like the more people speak about you, the worse the atmosphere gets. I think this is quite an act of childishness, I'll try not to make this a rant, but I can't promise you anything. I get it that you want to be liked or be found 'cool' or 'funny' but this way you're making other people's time go to waste, the same counts for your own time. Jokes such as "Apply cold water to the burnt area" just when someone dislikes your request, you just seem to be incapable of understanding what a 'joke' or 'meme' is made for. Now for the aspect of calling women out on a possible period. I swear to god that if you made that comment to any girl in my class you would've gotten kicked right in the 'king's lair', it's quite a disgusting thing to use this as an excuse to make your own behaviour look normal. I must say that whenever I enter a Minecraft Server and the first thing I see is someone making sexist remarks or general misthreatment of other members, especially when such player would be called 'verified', I'll genuinly start looking for a new server. Being 'verified' means that you show interest and are willing to help others, new or old. I am guessing you're not aged as your profile says, 19, but I could be wrong. I'll give you some personal advice. Turn off Minecraft, and start participating in school activities. This doesn't mean you have to quit playing Minecraft. Try to befriend someone a little bit older of age, as that could really help you out if you can learn from him/her. And if you fail or won't follow up my advice (which I guess you will) try out being nice and stop pulling pranks on someone, answer questions, ask others if they need help or just ask how someone's day is going and just see the difference in the response you'll get, people will start to engage in conversations with you because you'll seem to be a much nicer person, because as of now I'd rather vouch for you to get a temporary ban then vouch for you becomming 'verified'.
  8. Larsbehet

    Verification Request

    Alright I barely play Minecraft but want to address some things too, First looking at those logs and your reason for becoming verified seems rather childish. (Not that this must be a bad thing) This won't get you anywhere, and looking at the date on those logs, you might wanna back off from trying until you've regained trust in some way. As for the forums, it seems you mean everything with good intentions but don't read or formulate your answers well. It also seems like under nearly every response you post to anything you'll try to post reaction memes, this isn't a bad thing if it's suitable and something that stays funny, but currently I, and I won't speak for others as I'm unsure about them, find it rather annoying . I think that I can say from experience that you should stop focussing on trying to become better in ranks, but better in communication and trying to understand the words you might see on a screen, as I'd reckon you'd mostly speak out of emotion (which is mostly a first reaction). I've been like this, and yes I magically became a NeO_ and a SA-MP VIP, but those ranks say nothing if you can't own up to your own standards. Don't try to take this the wrong way, I don't hate you or anything in that manner. I'm just trying to warn you that even if you become 'verified' you won't gain anything when you are still the way you are. There is no running from it, check my profile, then name changes, that was my way to try and run away from my childishness but in the end everyone still knows you for who you are, not for your name or status.
  9. Larsbehet

    SA-MP in GTA5

    Dear members, Back in the days there used to be a good old Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas server running the cops and robbers gamemode. Some of it's features were: Businesses you could buy, personal cars which you could change and put modifications on, and in general a cops and robbers atmosphere, people would rob stores and cops would come flying into the store trying to arrest or if needed use force to get the robbers. SA-MP used to be a really tight community which I were very fond of and enjoyed very much. A few days ago I was reading up on some gaming news and found out some people had released custom software for GTA 5 online, GTANetwork. It only recently brought it's first release and it seems very promising. I created a basic server and such as came the following idea. The streets were empty, just like in the old SA-MP server. I instantly thought of Team NeO, I'll get to the point. My idea is to recreate the old SA-MP server in GTANetwork. GTANetwork has proven to me to be stable enough to handle such gamemodes and shouldn't drive Anderson's finance into a wall as servers are fairly cheap to host. I have already started programming some of the fundamentals of the gamemode, easy selection of jobs and attributes and given weapons. But I can't test a gamemode that's in essence completely based on multiple players all by myself. So I am looking for beta-testers and people that are able to program in either (or both) Javascript and C# as the gamemode needs to be entirely programmed on that. Even if you don't have any experience in programming you could be of great help with testing out new features which I (as I am currently alone) am planning to add daily. I really hope that I've made you enthusiastic for this new idea to recreate the SA-MP spirit in GTA V. If you would like to become one of the testers or help with development of the server you could always private message me or reply to this post. Looking forward to a new era of GTA on Team NeO, Lars (A quick side note, cracked versions of GTA 5 will not work with GTANetwork)
  10. Back from years of idleness.

  11. Llama, GLaDOS is a potato, so you are a potato?

  12. Awesome is way to awesome, i called a docter and he said just let him stay awesome.

  13. Eeya Trevor

    Itsa me lars :P

  14. He isn't batman, he isn't superman, he isn't santa, he is better, HE IS NINJA!


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