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  1. I honestly think it would be a great idéa to re-open it and announce it and then give it sometime. It was one of the more popular game-modes we had as alot of people played it, we had alot of maps that were available and alot of people had fun on it. And as RonLeach said, we can do alot more on a MTA server like that and add alot of new stuff towards it. The MTA server was one of the most favoured servers on Team_NeO overall and i think it can get really big again. I think we should give it a try, give it atleast a month or 2 to see how many that joins and how much it increases, after NeO went down for a few months alot of people left like me, i didn't know that the community was up after a long time when i decided to go search it up and then i found out Team_NeO was back and running.
  2. Samp Admin now! :D Thank you all for the supports :)

    1. Andrikos


      admun don't kick meh imma be a good boy

    2. NeO_YellowBanana
  3. YES! NeO! Finally :D Thank you all for the supports <3

    1. F50


      Just visited today and good luck man....hope u make a very good impression on the neo team,congrats and i enjoyed playin with u


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